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Primary view of The 300 H.P. Benz Aircraft Engine
Heller, A.
January 1921
Primary view of Coal Mining Techniques in the Federal Republic of Germany - 1971
Curth, Ernest A.
Primary view of Development of the Fischer-Tropsch Oil-Recycle Process
Benson, H. E.; Field, J. H.; Bienstock, D.; Nagel, R. R.; Brunn, L. W.; Hawk, C. O. et al.
Primary view of Features of Producer-Gas Power-Plant Development in Europe
Fernald, R. H.
Primary view of German Low-Temperature Coal-Tar Industry
Rhodes, E. O.
February 1949
Primary view of Hydrogenation of Coal and Tar
Wu, W. R. K. & Storch, H. H.
unknown creation date
Primary view of Low-Temperature Carbonization of Coal
Fieldner, Arno Carl
Primary view of Notes on the Use of Low-Grade Fuel in Europe
Fernald, R. H.
August 1915
Primary view of Potash Mining in Germany and France
Rice, George S. & Davis, John A.
Primary view of Properties of Typical Crude Oils From Fields of the Eastern Hemisphere
Kraemer, A. J. & Lane, E. C.
Primary view of Report on the Investigation by Fuels and Lubricants Teams at the I.G. Farbenindustrie A.G. Leuna Works, Merseburg, Germany
Holroyd, R.
July 1945
Primary view of Status of LMFBR Reheat in Western Europe--1972: Report of the United States of America LMFBR Sodium Reheat Team Visit to France , Germany (FRG), Netherlands, and United Kingdom, May 22-June 6, 1972
Weber, Max
March 1973
Primary view of World Survey of Tantalum Ore
Baker, James S.
March 1945