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NQR-NMR studies of higher alcohol synthesis Cu-Co catalysts

Description: Copper and cobalt are the key elements in syngas conversion catalyst systems used for higher alcohol synthesis. Their proximity and synergy sensitively control the selectivity and efficiency of the process. It is believed that their outer electronic charge distribution which is responsible for their electrical and magnetic properties might be governing their catalytic properties also. To examine the correlation between catalytic and magnetic properties, a series of copper cobalt catalysts (Co/Cu ratio 5:1 to 5:5) with and without a support were prepared. The nuclear quadrupole resonance spectrum of copper and (zero-field) nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum of cobalt and magnetization and hysteresis character of the catalyst were analyzed. Similar to the catalytic results, the magnetic results also were found to be very sensitive to the preparation technique. The results indicate possible electron exchange between copper and cobalt, and cobalt and the support Titania.
Date: January 14, 1991
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Enhanced durability and reactivity for zinc ferrite desulfurization sorbent

Description: AMAX Research Development Center (AMAX R D) has been investigating methods for enhancing the reactivity and durability of the zinc ferrite desulfurization sorbent. Zinc ferrite sorbents are intended for use in desulfurization of hot coal gas in integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) or molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC) applications. For the present program, the reactivity of the sorbent may be defined as its sulfur sorption capacity at the breakthrough point and at saturation in a bench-scale, fixed-bed reactor. Durability may be defined as the ability of the sorbent to maintain important physical characteristics such As size, strength, and specific surface area during 10 cycles of sulfidation and oxidation.
Date: November 14, 1988
Creator: Jha, Mahesh C. & Berggren, Mark H.
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Description: BS>The use of a lead-bismuth alloy as a coolant in the removal of heat from power-generating nuclear reactors was considered with the possibility that its ternary alloy with uranium or plutonium might be of use in a reactor of the circulating-liquid-fuel type. Information collected from the literature covering phase-equilibrium studies, physicalproperty data, and reactivity of this alloy toward other substances is presented. (auth)
Date: February 14, 1950
Creator: Lee, M.E.
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Eucalyptus plantations for energy production in Hawaii. Technical status report, October 1, 1978-June 30, 1980

Description: Progress made on accomplishing research objectives is reported. The objectives of this project are: (1) to increase the biomass production of Eucalyptus; (2) to determine the optimum requirements to maximize yield; (3) to assess planting, cultivation, harvesting, and transportation equipment requirements; (4) to determine the optimum mixture of biomass (eucalyptus and bagasse) at the generator for the production of electricity; and (5) to evaluate a complete production/conversion system which utilized optimum management conditions in relationship to costs. (DMC)
Date: July 14, 1980
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Interaction of xenon light with the surface of 304 stainless steel

Description: Laser amplifier frames fabricated from Type 304 stainless steel are known to cause damage to glass lenses by ejecting particles which are deposited on the lenses. High energy pulses of xenon light interact with the steel surface to produce damage sites. Heat treatment and surface cleaning procedures greatly affect the surface stability of the steel and influence contamination generated by the steel. It is believed that inclusions and/or carbides play a role, and the size of damage sites observed on glass correlate with the size of nonmetallic phases in the steel. Thermal etching of the steel was found to be a principle mechanism of surface damage caused by the high energy xenon light.
Date: February 14, 1978
Creator: Krenzer, R. W.
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Eigenmodes of a random walk on a 2-D lattice torus with one trap

Description: The complete set of eigenvalues and eigenmodes is elaborated for a random walk on a two-dimensional N )times) N square lattice torus with one trap site. The eigenvalue closest to unity is found to have an asymptotic expansion in N; the leading behavior is lambda )approximately) 1 )minus) ..pi.. (2N/sup 2/ log N) )plus) O(N log N)/sup )minus/2). In general, the eigenvalues and eigenmodes for this problem are constructed from those for a random walk on the same lattice containing no trap. The degeneracy of the latter eigenmodes is a prominent feature of this construction, and a formula is derived for this degeneracy. 9 refs., 2 figs
Date: March 14, 1988
Creator: Torney, D.C.
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Study of the health effects of bicycling in an urban atmosphere. Final report

Description: This report analyzes data on the health effects of bicycling in an urban environment through intensive study of ten healthy male subjects bicycling or driving in systematically varied conditions in the streets of Washington, D.C. Evaluation criteria for available technology and instrumentation are included and a methodology is developed for route selection. Specific air pollutants (carbon monoxide, ozone, sulfates, nitrates, and particulates) are measured concurrently with exposure and subsequent changes in health status identified through pulmonary function testing, cardiovascular testing, and blood and symptoms analysis. The report concludes that no major adverse short-term health effects were noted for ten healthy male subjects while bicycling or driving in levels of pollution and thermal stress encountered during the study period. Recommendations for further research are also presented.
Date: October 14, 1977
Creator: Waldman, M.; Weiss, S. & Articola, W.
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The Proposed Allied Services Act: Summary and Arguments, Pro and Con

Description: This report discusses the purpose of the bill which is to encourage and assist states and localities to develop, demonstrate and evaluate means of improving the utilization and effectiveness of human services through integrated planning, management, and delivery of those services in order to achieve the objectives of personal independence and individual and family economic self-sufficiency.
Date: November 14, 1975
Creator: House, Sharon
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Conscientious Objection and the Constitution: "Welsh v. United States" and Beyond

Description: This report discusses the Supreme Court case "Welsh v. United States" which considered the question of what constituted a religious belief that merited recognition as a conscientious objector. A judicial history of cases related to conscientious objection, analysis of the "Welsh" case, and Congressional options for dealing with the question of conscientious objection requirements are included.
Date: August 14, 1970
Creator: Killian, Johny H.
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Considerations of bunch-spacing options for multi-bunch operation of the Tevatron Collider

Description: This discussion will consider a number of points relevant to limitations, advantages and disadvantages of various arrangements of bunches in the Tevatron proton-antiproton collider. The considerations discussed here will be limited to: (a) bunch spacing symmetry and relation to the relative luminosity at B0 and D0 and the beam-beam interaction with separated beams; (b) bunch spacing constraints imposed by Main Ring RF coalescing and the optics of beam separation at B0 and D0; and (c) bunch spacing constraints imposed by injection and abort kicker timing requirements, and by the Antiproton Source RF unstacking process. 20 figs., 17 tabs.
Date: December 14, 1989
Creator: Dugan, G.
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Creep Rupture in the Presence of a Fast Neutron Flux

Description: Possible mechanisms for creep rupture during irradiation are examined. Evidence that the rupture occurs by grain boundary sliding alone, or by vacancy condensation, is compared. It is observed that vacancy condensation is the more probable mechanism, and that this mechanism predicts a reduction in creep rupture life for metals exposed to a fast neutron flux (neglecting effects of radiation annealing). (T.F.H.)
Date: January 14, 1959
Creator: Gregory, D. P.
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A sendmail. cf scheme for a large network

Description: Like most large networked sites our users depend heavily on the electronic mail system for both internal and off-site communications. Unfortunately the sendmail.cf file, which is used to control the behavior of the sendmail program, is somewhat cryptic and difficult to decipher for the neophyte. So, on one hand you have a highly visible, frequently used utility, and on the other hand a not-so-easily acquired system administration forte. Here is the sendmail topology of our site, what premises we based it on, and the parts of the sendmail.cf files which support the topology.
Date: August 14, 1991
Creator: Darmohray, T.M.
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NQR-NMR studies of higher alcohol synthesis Cu-Co catalysts

Description: The primary objective of the project is to examine the relations between the catalytic and magnetic properties of the copper-cobalt higher alcohol synthesis catalysts. We have undertaken to investigate the magnetic character by studying the Nuclear Quadrupole resonance of copper and (Zerofield) Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of cobalt in copper cobalt catalysts.
Date: January 14, 1992
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Description: A remote dissolution and analytical program for irradiated thorium is given. The aluminum jacket on the slug was dissolved with 6M nitric acid and 0.005M mercuric nitrate. After a water wash, the thorium dissolution was accomplished with concentrated nitric acid made 0.04M in hydrofluoric acid. Weighing, dissolving, and sampling were done remotely in the multicurie cell at the Idaho Chemical Processing Plant. Handling techniques for weighing and dissolving the slugs are described. Transferring and sampling apparatus as well as sampling techniques for the dissolved material are discussed. Analytical data obtained are tabulated. Abstracts of analytical methods for uranium concentration and isotope ratio, aluminum, thorium, cesium, and cerium are given. (auth)
Date: July 14, 1961
Creator: Huff, G. A.; Doggett, I. L.; Fletcher, R. D. & Jacobson, M. E.
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Analysis of LOFT steam generator main feed piping loop seal modification

Description: The stress analysis is presented for the proposed loop seal modification to the LOFT Steam Generator Main Feed Piping. THE SAP IV finite element computer program was used to analyze normal, upset, emergency, and faulted conditions. Results of the analysis indicate that the modified main feed piping system will satisfy all structural adequacy criteria specified in Subarticle NC-3650 of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. Results also show that the isolation snubber configuration, specified in LTR 115-11, will also be adequate for the piping configuration analyzed.
Date: February 14, 1978
Creator: Nitzel, M.E.
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