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34th Geothermal Coordinating Group Meeting

Description: Chairman William Ogle said the overall purpose of the meeting was to consider how the US government, and the Division of Geothermal Energy in particular, might apply its geothermal effort more effectively. Given the present situation, how does Uncle Sam make the best possible effort? On this theme, there are 4 main subquestions: (1) what government support is needed? (2) how can we improve cooperation between industry, the national laboratories, universities, and industries, and does it matter? (3) how do we transfer technology to industry? (4) What should the technical aims be for the next year or so?
Date: November 9, 1982

Accumulator and Debuncher Revolution Frequencies

Description: The purpose of this note is to identify what parameters determine the proper setting of the Accumulator and Debuncher dipole buses, and what the {bar p} revolution frequencies should be under these circumstances. As will be seen, certain parameters of the Main Ring lead to very tight tolerances in these bus setting.
Date: September 9, 1985
Creator: Shafer, R.

Additional cooling and heating load improvements in seasonal performance modeling of room and central air conditioners and heat pumps. Topical report, Subtask 3. 2

Description: The study focuses on improving the load modeling technique of Seasonal Performance Model (SPM) in order to estimate a more realistic load for seasonal analysis calculations on an hourly basis. A computer simulation program, Seasonal Performance Model Load (SPMLD), was used to calculate the cooling and heating loads for a typical residence in Caribou, Maine; Columbia, Missouri; and Fort Worth, Texas. The derivation of the SPMLD is described and changes made to improve cooling and heating load estimates are identified. (MCW)
Date: April 9, 1980

Advanced multi-dimensional method for structural and hydrodynamic analyses of LMFBR piping systems

Description: Maintaining the structural integrity of the piping system of Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactors (LMFBRs) is essential to the safe operation of the reactor and steam supply systems. In the safety analysis various transient loads can be imposed on the piping systems, which may pose threats to the integrity of the piping structure. These transient loads can be classified into two categories. The first represents dynamic loads resulting from the hydrodynamic pressure-wave propagation or seismic events. The second represents static or quasi-dynamic loads generated by thermal wave propagation, normal operation transient, or creep phenomena. At Argonne National Laboratory, a multi-dimensional method has been developed for the integrated analysis of piping systems under these transient loading conditions. It utilizes a 2-D implicit finite-difference hydrodynamics in conjunction with a 3-D explicit finite-element structural analysis.
Date: April 9, 1985
Creator: Wang, C.Y. & Zeuch, W.R.

Advanced Test Accelerator (ATA) injector

Description: The ATA injector, developed from experience gained from the Experimental Test Accelerator (ETA) linac, has recently been completed. The injector consists of ten 0.25 MV cells that are used to develop 2.5 MV across a single diode gap. The 10 kA beam is extracted from a 500 cm/sup 2/ plasma cathode at average rates of up to 5 Hz and burst rates to 1 kHz. Pulsed power from 20 water filled blumleins is divided and introduced symmetrically through four ports on each cell. All major insulators are fabricated from filled epoxy castings. With these improvements, the ATA injector is smaller than the ETA injector; has a faster pulse response; has lower voltage stress on insulators and higher ultimate performance. Injector characterization tests began in October 1982. These tests include beam current, energy, and emittance measurements.
Date: March 9, 1983
Creator: Jackson, C.H.; Bubp, D.G.; Fessenden, T.J.; Hester, R.E.; Neil, V.K.; Paul, A.C. et al.

An Analysis of Accumulator Ring Pressure Date

Description: This note summarizes and analyzes the Accumulator Ring's pressure data taken during the recent commissioning run (March-October, 1985) and during the three week interval immediately after the end of the commissioning run. Emphasis is placed upon the questions raised in reference [1], viz.: (1) What is the ultimate vacuum attainable? (2) How do we calculate the 'effective-pressure' for beam lifetime estimates from the ion gauge data? (3) What is the required sublimation schedule to maintain adequate vacuum?
Date: January 9, 1986
Creator: Gormley, M.

Analysis of fracture modes during extrusion and drawing of bimetal rods or wire. Analytical study of drawing and extrusion of superconducting filamentary wires: fracture problems and evaluation of temperature rise. Final report

Description: Based on the upper-bound theorem in limit analysis, a theoretical model describing sound flow, core fracture, and sleeve fracture in bimetal rods and wire during extrusion and drawing was developed. The variables affecting core and sleeve fracture are: reduction in area, die geometry, friction, relative size and strength of the core, and applied surface tractions. Within the wide range of combinations of these process variables, only a small range permits co-extrusion and codrawing without fracture. Criteria for the prevention of core and sleeve fracture during co-extrusion and core fracture during co-drawing were developed and presented graphically in this study. The results were applied to the central burst problem during extrusion and drawing of homogeneous materials.
Date: January 9, 1984
Creator: Avitzur, B.; Wu, R.; Chou, Y.T. & Talbert, S.

Analytical methods of electrode design for a relativistic electron gun

Description: The standard paraxial ray equation method for the design of electrodes for an electrostatically focused gun is extended to include relativistic effects and the effects of the beam's azimuthal magnetic field. Solutions for parallel and converging beams are obtained and the predicted currents are compared against those measured on the High Brightness Test Stand. 4 refs., 2 figs.
Date: May 9, 1985
Creator: Caporaso, G.J.; Cole, A.G. & Boyd, J.K.

ANL analysis of ZPPR-13A

Description: The ZPPR-13 experiments provide basic physics data for radial heterogeneous LMFBR cores of approximately 700MWe size. Assemblies ZPPR-13A, ZPPR-13B and ZPPR-13C comprised the JUPITER-II cooperative program between the U.S. Department of Energy (US DOE) and PNC of Japan. The measurements were made between August 1982 and April 1984. The core designs and the measurements were planned jointly by the two parties with substantial input from U.S. industrial interests to ensure coverage of the design requirements. This report describes in detail the results of the Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) analyses of phase 13A.
Date: August 9, 1984
Creator: Collins, P.J. & Brumbach, S.B.

ATA upgrade to 150 MeV

Description: The increased interests in upgrading the ATA accelerator has warranted a preliminary look at applying the magnetic drivers to achieve both higher energy and higher average power. The goal of this upgrade is to satisfy the FEL requirements and to keep the capability of producing a higher current beam for CPB experiments at reduced energy. ATA Note 247 showed that a possible solution to obtain higher energy was simply to add additional cells, run them at higher voltage and accept a 30 ns pulse width with about 5% energy variation. Considering the recent history of the cells and the doubling of the voltage stress that would be required at the insulator, it seemed prudent to review the overall system reliability and try a different approach.
Date: April 9, 1985
Creator: Birx, D.L.; Hawkins, S.A.; Poor, S.E.; Reginato, L.L. & Smith, M.W.

Black and Hispanic Federal Judges: 1900 to Present

Description: This report shows that in recent years, attention has increasingly focused upon the minority composition of the Federal judiciary, in apparent response to concerns that judges appointed to the Federal bench should more compositely reflect the U.S. population they serve. Two of the larger U.S. subpopulations served by the Federal judiciary are blacks and Hispanics. Accordingly, this mini brief lists chronologically and cumulatively the appointments of blacks and Hispanics to the Federal bench, which includes the U.S.Supreme Court, Circuit Courts of Appeals, and District courts.
Date: August 9, 1983
Creator: Bailey, Dorothy J

Brightness measurements on the Livermore high brightness test stand

Description: Several techniques using small radius collimating pipes with and without axial magnetic fields to measure the brightness of an extracted 1 - 2 kA, 1 - 1.5 MeV electron beam will be described. The output beam of the High Brightness Test Stand as measured by one of these techniques is in excess of 2 x 10/sup 5/ amp/cm/sup 2//steradian. 5 refs., 4 figs.
Date: May 9, 1985
Creator: Caporaso, G.J. & Birx, D.L.

Calculation of the energy-dependent efficiency of gridded /sup 3/He fast-neutron ionization chambers

Description: Research and development activities under this contract proceeded along several lines, including development of a gas jet facility for the transport and isolation of fission product activities with half lives in the range T/sub 1/2/ less than or equal to 2 sec, studies on the factors affecting the energy and timing resolution of gridded /sup 3/He ionization detectors for delayed neutron spectroscopy and the development of simple models for calculation of the beta-decay characteristics of short-lived fission products near A = 90. Brief outlines of the activities in the areas are given. (WHK)
Date: February 9, 1982
Creator: Prussin, S.G.

A compact x-ray free electron laser

Description: We present a design concept and simulation of the performance of a compact x-ray, free electron laser driven by ultra-high gradient rf-linacs. The accelerator design is based on recent advances in high gradient technology by a LLNL/SLAC/LBL collaboration and on the development of bright, high current electron sources by BNL and LANL. The GeV electron beams generated with such accelerators can be concerted to soft x-rays in the range from 2--10 nm by passage through short period, high fields strength wigglers as are being designed at Rocketdyne. Linear light sources of this type can produce trains of picosecond (or shorter) pulses of extremely high spectral brilliance suitable for flash holography of biological specimens in vivo and for studies of fast chemical reactions. 12 refs., 8 figs., 4 tabs.
Date: September 9, 1988
Creator: Barletta, W.; Attac, M.; Cline, D.B.; Kolonko, J.; Wang, X.; Bhowmik, A. et al.

Computer aided surface representation

Description: The central research problem of this project is the effective representation and display of surfaces, interpolating to given information, in three or more dimensions. In a typical problem, we wish to create a surface from some discrete information. If this information is itself on another surface, the problem is to determine a surface defined on a surface,'' which is discussed below. Often, properties of an already constructed surface are desired: such geometry processing'' is described below. The Summary of Proposed Research from our original proposal describes the aims of this research project. This Summary and the Table of Contents from the original proposal are enclosed as an Appendix to this Progress Report. The broad sweep from constructive mathematics through algorithms and computer graphics displays is utilized in the research. The wide range of activity, directed in both theory and applications, makes this project unique. Last month in the first Ardent Titan delivered in the State of Arizona came to our group, funded by the DOE and Arizona State University. Although the Titan is a commercial product, its newness requires our close collaboration with Ardent to maximize results. During the past year, four faculty members and several graduate research assistants have worked on this DOE project. The gaining of new professionals is an important aspect of this project. A listing of the students and their topics is given in the Appendix. The most significant publication during the past year is the book, Curves and Surfaces for Computer Aided Geometric Design, by Dr. Gerald Farin. This 300 page volume helps fill a considerable gap in the subject and includes many new results on Bernstein-Bezier curves and surfaces.
Date: February 9, 1989
Creator: Barnhill, R.E.

Conceptual design study FY 1981: synfuels from fusion - using the tandem mirror reactor and a thermochemical cycle to produce hydrogen

Description: This report represents the second year's effort of a scoping and conceptual design study being conducted for the express purpose of evaluating the engineering potential of producing hydrogen by thermochemical cycles using a tandem mirror fusion driver. The hydrogen thus produced may then be used as a feedstock to produce fuels such as methane, methanol, or gasoline. The main objective of this second year's study has been to obtain some approximate cost figures for hydrogen production through a conceptual design study.
Date: February 9, 1982
Creator: Krikorian, O.H. (ed.)

Contributions to the INTOR workshop

Description: This paper discusses the use of Nb/sub 3/Sn conductors as coils for toroidal fields in thermonuclear reactors. In particular, the mechanical properties are investigated for these conductors as well as substitute materials. 8 refs.
Date: December 9, 1987
Creator: Miller, J.R. (comp.)

Critical Flow Restricting Orifices

Description: The installation of flow restricting orifices in both the nitrogen gas and instrument air supply lines in the D-Zero Building limits the flow available to the various users. These orifices are strategically positioned along the lines such that no one user can monopolize the gas supply and deprive others of their flow required to operate. Provided that the necessary orifice plates are machined in a manner similar to that of the prototypes, the orifices for the various lines were sized using the discharge coefficient for the round edge orifice because the calculated values were in good agreement with the empirically obtained values for this case. The final calculated orifice diameters for the round edge, sharp edge, and short tube cases are listed in Table 2.
Date: August 9, 1988
Creator: Kurita, C. H.

Cryogenic magnet case and distributed structural materials for high-field superconducting magnets

Description: The superconducting magnets of the Tokamak Ignition/Burn Experimental Reactor (TIBER II) will generate high magnetic fields over large bores. The resulting electromagnetic forces require the use of large volumes of distributed steel and thick magnet case for structural support. Here we review the design allowables, calculated loads and forces, and structural materials selection for TIBER II. 7 refs., 2 figs., 3 tabs.
Date: October 9, 1987
Creator: Summers, L.T.; Miller, J.R.; Kerns, J.A. & Myall, J.O.

Current results of the tandem mirror experiment

Description: The basic operating characteristics of the Tandem Mirror Experiment, (TMX) at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in the USA have been established. Tandem-mirror plasmas have been produced using neutral-beam-fueled end plugs and a gas-fueled center cell. An axial potential well between the end plugs has been measured. There is direct evidence that this potential well enhances the axial confinement of the center-cell ions. The observed densities and loss currents are consistent with preliminary studies of the particle sources and losses near the magnetic axis. The observed confinement is consistent with theory when plasma fluctuations are low. When the requirement of drift-cyclotron loss-cone mode stability is violated, the plasma fluctuations degrade the center-cell confinement.
Date: April 9, 1980
Creator: Drake, R.P.