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Inertia Factors of Ellipsoids for Use in Airship Design

Description: This report is based on a study made by the writer as a member of the Special Committee on Design of Army Semirigid Airship RS-1 appointed by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. The increasing interest in airships has made the problem of the potential flow of a fluid about an ellipsoid of considerable practical importance. In 1833 George Green, in discussing the effect of the surrounding medium upon the period of a pendulum, derived three elliptic integrals, in terms of which practically all the characteristics of this type of motion can be expressed. The theory of this type of motion is very fully given by Horace Lamb in his "Hydrodynamics," and applications to the theory of airships by many other writers. Tables of the inertia coefficients derived from these integrals are available for the most important special cases. These tables are adequate for most purposes, but occasionally it is desirable to know the values of these integrals in other cases where tabulated values are not available. For this reason it seems worth while to assemble a collection of formulae which would enable them to be computed directly from standard tables of elliptic integrals, circular and hyperbolic functions and logarithms without the need of intermediate transformations. Some of the formulae for special cases (elliptic cylinder, prolate spheroid, oblate spheroid, etc.) have been published before, but the general forms and some special cases have not been found in previous publications. (author).
Date: January 1, 1926
Creator: Tuckerman, L. B.

Pressure Distribution on the C-7 Airship

Description: This investigation was made for the purpose of determining the aerodynamic pressure distribution encountered on a "C" class airship in flight. It was conducted in two parts: (a) tests on the tail surfaces in which the pressures at 201 points were measured and (b) tests on the envelope in which 190 points were used, both tests being made under as nearly identical flight conditions as possible, so that the results could be combined and the pressure distribution over the entire airship obtained.
Date: January 1, 1926
Creator: Crowley, J. W., Jr. & Defrance, S. J.

Use of Sulphite Cellulose Extract as a Tanning Material

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Standards over chemicals used for tanning leather hides. As stated in the introduction: "an investigation was conducted to determine the suitability of sulfite cellulose extracts, derived from the waste liquors discharged from paper pulp mills, for use in tanning hides for the manufacture of leather" (p. 309). This report includes tables, and photographs.
Date: November 1, 1926
Creator: Wallace, E. L. & Bowker, Roy Clement

Water Model Tests for Semirigid Airships

Description: The design of complicated structures often presents problems of extreme difficulty which are frequently insoluble. In many cases, however, the solution can be obtained by tests on suitable models. These model tests are becoming so important a part of the design of new engineering structures that their theory has become a necessary part of an engineer's knowledge. For balloons and airships water models are used. These are models about 1/30 the size of the airship hung upside down and filled with water under pressure. The theory shows that the stresses in such a model are the same as in the actual airship. In the design of the Army Semirigid Airship RS-1 no satisfactory way was found to calculate the stresses in the keel due to the changing shape of the bag. For this purpose a water model with a flexible keel was built and tested. This report gives the theory of the design, construction, and testing of such a water model.
Date: January 1, 1926
Creator: Tuckerman, L. B.