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Beekeeping in the Tulip-Tree Region

Description: "Many thousand colonies of bees occur in the region where the tulip-tree is abundant but the honey crop from tulip-tree flowers inconsiderable. Too few beekeepers in this region have modern equipment, it is true, but the greatest loss comes from the fact that they do not care for their bees so as to have them ready to gather the abundant nectar from this early-blooming tree. In this bulletin a methods is given for the management of the apiary so that the full honey crop from this source may be obtained." -- p. 2
Date: 1922
Creator: Phillips, Everett Franklin, 1878-1951 & Demuth, Geo. S. (George S.)

Diseases of Watermelons

Description: This bulletin discusses diseases which commonly afflict watermelons, including wilt, root-knot, gummy stem blight, ground-rot, anthracnose, stem-end rot, and diseases which primarily develop during transport to markets. Disease control measures are also discussed.
Date: 1922
Creator: Orton, W. A. (William Allen), 1877-1930 & Meier, F. C.

Rhodes Grass

Description: Revised edition. "Rhodes grass was introduced from southern Africa in 1902, and has proved of value for cultivation in the warmer parts of the United States, being grown more largely in Florida and Texas than elsewhere.... It makes a heavy yield of hay of excellent quality, as the stems are slender, tender, and very leafy. The hay is cured easily and is relished by all kinds of live stock.... This bulletin mentions the soil preferences of this grass and gives the methods of seeding and after-treatment employed as well as handling the hay and pasturing and seed saving." -- p. 2
Date: 1922
Creator: Tracy, S. M. (Samuel Mills), 1847-1920