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Apple blotch.

Description: Describes the disease of apple blotch, how it spreads, and ways to control it.
Date: 1940
Creator: Roberts, John W. (John William), 1882-1957. & Pierce, Leslie.

Apple Growing East of the Mississippi River.

Description: Describes the various factors that should be taken into consideration when developing and maintaining apple orchards, including: types of soil, climate conditions, the selecting and handling of young trees, the use of fertilizers, methods of pruning and spraying, and methods of repelling pests.
Date: July 1940
Creator: Gould, H. P.

Apple-orchard renovation.

Description: Describes various methods for maximizing the quality and output of apple orchards.
Date: 1940
Creator: Gould, H. P.

Black Walnut for Timber and Nuts.

Description: A guide to growing black walnut trees for timber, nut crops, or ornamental use.
Date: 1940
Creator: Mattoon, Wilbur R. (Wilbur Reed), 1875-1941 & Reed, C. A. (Clarence Arthur), 1880-1950


Description: Discusses aspects of blueberry production in the United States from planting through harvesting and marketing, and examines different types of blueberries.
Date: October 1940
Creator: Darrow, George M. (George McMillan), 1889-

Breaking and Training Colts.

Description: Describes methods training horses for farm use. Includes training or control methods for driving, riding, shoeing, and throwing.
Date: 1940
Creator: Stamburgh, V. G. (Vivian Guy), 1885-; Williams, J. O. (John Oscar), 1885- & Krantz, Earl B. (Earl Beach), 1893-

Business records for poultry keepers.

Description: Describes business methods to help poultry keepers with their production and marketing issues, discusses record-keeping methods, and includes suggestions to improve efficiency of a farmer's poultry business.
Date: 1940
Creator: Johnson, E. R. (Ernest Reuben), 1892- & Lee, Alfred R., b. 1887.

Care and management of farm work horses.

Description: Describes how to successfully manage and care for work horses on the farm to maximize serviceability and profitability.
Date: March 1940
Creator: Williams, J. O. (John Oscar), 1885- & Krantz, Earl B. (Earl Beach), 1893-

Celery growing.

Description: A guide to commercial celery-growing, with brief instructions for growing celery in home gardens. Includes descriptions of celery diseases and insect pests.
Date: 1940
Creator: Beattie, W. R. (William Renwick), b. 1870

Clothes moths.

Description: Describes the life cycle and characteristics of clothes moths, and methods for their control.
Date: January 1940
Creator: Back, E. A. (Ernest Adna), 1886-

Corn culture.

Description: A general guide to growing corn crops in the United States, including selection, land preparation, planting, culture, and insect and disease control.
Date: 1940
Creator: Richey, Frederick D. (Frederick David), b. 1884

Cottonseed treatment.

Description: Describes the methods of treating cottonseed to prevent disease or decay.
Date: March 1940
Creator: Haskell, R. J. & Barker, Henry D.

Deciduous-fruit improvement through tree-performance records.

Description: Discusses commercial production of deciduous fruits based on the culture of established, profitable varieties. Describes the use of individual tree-records, the negative impacts of undesirable trees, and how to locate and isolate them.
Date: 1940
Creator: Shamel, A. D. (Archibald Dixon), 1878- & Pomeroy, C. S. (Carl Stone), 1882-

Diseases and Insects of Garden Vegetables.

Description: Describes a wide variety of insect pests and diseases of vegetables, their characteristics, and the steps farmers can take to prevent, control, and treat these threats.
Date: 1940
Creator: Gilbert, William W. (William Williams), b. 1880; Popenoe, C. H. (Charles Holcomb), 1884-1933 & Caffrey, D. J.

Emmer and Spelt.

Description: Describes the history, characteristics, production methods, and uses of emmer and spelt.
Date: 1940
Creator: Martin, John H. (John Holmes), 1893- & Leighty, C. E. (Clyde Evert), b. 1882

Experiment Station Record, Volume 81, July-December, 1939

Description: Volume provides abstracts of agricultural experiments conducted during the year. Also includes statistics, convention reports, bulletins, bibliographies, and listings for Spanish edition publications from the Puerto Rico Station. Name and subject indexes start on page 893.
Date: 1940
Creator: U.S. Department of Agriculture. Office of Experiment Stations.