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Bean Bacterial Wilt.

Description: Describes the signs that beans are infected with bacterial wilt, the history of the disease, where it most often occurs, and the steps that can be taken to control it.
Date: February 1939
Creator: Hedges, Florence

Bed Bugs: How to Control Them.

Description: Describes the life cycle of the bedbug and the hazards associated with a bedbug infestation. Provides advice for identifying and controlling bedbugs.
Date: May 1953
Creator: United States. Department of Agriculture.

Blackout of Poultry Houses and Dairy Barns.

Description: Provides detailed instructions for the farmer who wishes to continue his regular routine in the event of a War Department issued blackout notice. Discusses the importance of readiness and the use of existing materials due to war related shortages.
Date: January 1943
Creator: Kelley, M. A. R. (Manley Alexander Raymond), 1888-1943


Description: Discusses aspects of blueberry production in the United States from planting through harvesting and marketing, and examines different types of blueberries.
Date: October 1940
Creator: Darrow, George M. (George McMillan), 1889-

Boning Lamb Cuts.

Description: Describes the process of deboning lamb meat.
Date: June 1931
Creator: Warner, K. F.

Border Irrigation.

Description: Provides instructions for implementing a border irrigation system for watering crops.
Date: May 1951
Creator: Core, Edwin J.

Bracing Farm Buildings.

Description: Describes steps for creating a brace system for farm buildings in order to prevent distortion and collapse.
Date: July 1931
Creator: Trayer, George W. (George William), 1888-1976 & Betts, M. C. (Morris Cotgrave), 1875-1936

Carpet Beetles.

Description: Describes the common types of carpet beetles, their life cycles, and methods of control.
Date: March 28, 1938
Creator: Back, E. A. (Ernest Adna), 1886-

Cattle Warts.

Description: A description of the virus that causes cattle warts, and methods of control.
Date: December 1958
Creator: United States. Agricultural Research Service.

Cauliflower and Heading Broccoli Production.

Description: A guide to growing cauliflower and heading broccoli on the farm.
Date: April 1938
Creator: Beattie, James H. (James Herbert), b. 1882 & Beattie, W. R. (William Renwick), b. 1870

Centipedes and Millipedes in the House.

Description: Describes the different types of centipedes and millipedes found in the home, and methods for control.
Date: 1939
Creator: Back, E. A. (Ernest Adna), 1886-

Chinchilla Raising.

Description: Describes the characteristics of chinchillas; discusses how to care for chinchillas and raise them for fur.
Date: January 1953
Creator: Kellogg, Charles E. (Charles Edward), 1890-

Clothes moths.

Description: Describes the life cycle and characteristics of clothes moths, and methods for their control.
Date: January 1940
Creator: Back, E. A. (Ernest Adna), 1886-

Control of Lice and Sheep Ticks on Sheep and Goats.

Description: Describes the damage that lice and ticks can cause to sheep and goat wool. Provides instructions for preparing insecticide dips, sprays, and dusts.
Date: June 1951
Creator: United States. Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine. Division of Insects Affecting Man and Animals.

Controlling Lungworms of Swine.

Description: Describes the lungworm parasite infested in swine, and methods for its control.
Date: July 1936
Creator: Schwartz, Benjamin, 1889-

Cooking Cured Pork.

Description: Provides recipes for cooking cured pork.
Date: 1931
Creator: Alexander, Lucy M. (Lucy Maclay), 1888- & Yeatman, Fanny Walker, b. 1876

Corrugation Irrigation.

Description: Describes the corrugation irrigation process and explains how to implement this layout to irrigate close-growing crops.
Date: December 1954
Creator: Stanley, William R.