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Energy Matters - January/February 2000

Description: Energy Matters is an Office of Industrial Technologies bimonthly publication on energy efficiency opportunities. This issue's focus is on reliability-centered maintenance along with articles on optimizing industrial process heating and discussion on an international motor systems management tool.
Date: January 26, 2000
Creator: Ericksen, E.

Next Generation Natural Gas Vehicle (NGNGV) Program Brochure

Description: The Department of Energy's Office of Transportation Technologies is initiating the Next Generation Natural Gas Vehicle (NGNGV) Program to develop commercially viable medium- and heavy-duty natural gas vehicles. These new vehicles will incorporate advanced alternative fuel vehicle technologies that were developed by DOE and others.
Date: October 26, 2000
Creator: Elling, J.

NREL PV Working With Industry, Fourth Quarter 2000

Description: NREL PV Working With Industry is a quarterly newsletter devoted to the research, development, and deployment performed by NREL staff in concert with their industry and university partners. The fourth quarter contains an article that is a followup to the IEEE PVSC conference held in Alaska in September 2000, an article about two new R and D initiatives, and an article on cooperative research efforts between the NCPV and the Solar Buildings and Concentrating Solar Power programs. The editorialist is Jim Rannels, Director of the Office of Power Technologies.
Date: December 26, 2000
Creator: Poole, L.

Regional Resource Center for Innovation

Description: The Regional Resource Centers for Innovation (RRCIs) promote networking among the various regional, state, and local specialists who provide services to inventors and small business innovators. This networking facilitates the rapid deployment of I&I technologies that provide solutions for the energy challenges facing the U.S.
Date: April 26, 2000
Creator: Theis, K.

Salt Lake Clean Cities Coalition: Outstanding coalition director: Beverly Miller (Clean Cities alternative fuel information series fact sheet)

Description: The Salt Lake metropolitan area faces some interesting economic and environmental challenges. It ranks eighth in the nation in population growth, so managing its increasing numbers without spoiling the beauty of its high mountain valley may seem to be a contradiction in goals. In addition, the 2002 Winter Olympics will attract almost 2 million visitors during February, when Salt Lake's unusual topography encourages its highest levels of air pollution. The Clean Cities Coalition is working with the Salt Lake Olympic Organizing Committee to find clean vehicles to transport visitors to and from the various Olympic venues. A major goal of the Coalition is to keep as many AFVs as possible in Utah after the Olympics.
Date: April 26, 2000
Creator: Woodward, S.


Description: Caporaso, Barletta and Neil (CBN) found in a solution to the problem of the single-bunch beam breakup in a linac[1]. However, their method applies only to the case of a beam traveling in a strongly betatron-focused linac under the influence of the resistive wall impedance. We suggest in this paper a method for dealing with the same problem. Our methods is more general; it applies to the same problem under any impedance, and it applies to a linac with or without external betatron focusing.
Date: June 26, 2000
Creator: Wang, J. M.; Mane, S. R. & Towne, N.