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Highlighting High Performance: The Solar Energy Research Facility, Golden, Colorado

Description: The National Renewable Energy Laboratory's Solar Energy Research Facility in Golden, Colorado, uses a stair-step configuration to allow daylight and heat into the office areas, while the laboratories in the back of the building are in a more controlled environment where tight levels of ventilation, humidity, temperature, and light are critical. A unique mechanical system makes the most of the natural environment and the building's design to efficiently heat and cool the building at an annual utility bill savings of almost $200,000 per year.
Date: June 26, 2001
Creator: Torcellini, P. & Epstein, K.


Description: Caporaso, Barletta and Neil (CBN) found in a solution to the problem of the single-bunch beam breakup in a linac[1]. However, their method applies only to the case of a beam traveling in a strongly betatron-focused linac under the influence of the resistive wall impedance. We suggest in this paper a method for dealing with the same problem. Our methods is more general; it applies to the same problem under any impedance, and it applies to a linac with or without external betatron focusing.
Date: June 26, 2000
Creator: Wang, J. M.; Mane, S. R. & Towne, N.