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Hazards Summary Report for the Battelle Research Reactor

Description: From summary: "This report was prepared for the Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards for their review and consideration of the potential hazards concerning the Battelle Memorial Institute Research Reactor."
Date: April 4, 1955
Creator: Chastain, J. W.

Separation of Azeotropes by Means of Diffusion through Porous Membranes

Description: Thesis discussing experiments to separate azeotropes into pure components testing eleven minimum boiling point azeotropic systems: (1) acetone-methanol, (2) carbon tetrachloride-ethyl acetate, (3) cyclohexane-ethanol, (4) benzene-isopropanol, (5) benzene-n-propanol, (6) benzene-cyclohexane, (7) benzene-methanol, (8) benzene-ethanol, (9) acetone-carbon, (10) isopropoanol-water, and (11) ethanol-water.
Date: October 1953
Creator: Hagerbaumer, Donald H.

Zirconium-Hafnium Separation : Mixer-Settler Studies : Final Report

Description: Abstract: Use of the mixer-settler apparatus as a rapid means of determining improved conditions for plant operation is described including the experimental details. The preparation of highly purified samples of both zirconium oxide and hafnium oxide is discussed. (This document is concerned almost entirely with explorations of small scale continuous systems. Another document dealing with this general problem using small scale batch operations is being published simultaneously. It should prove of advantage to the reader to study this companion report, Document Y-611, by Barton, Overholser, and Grimes, to obtain a complete picture of the available information.).
Date: November 17, 1955
Creator: Waldrop, F. B.; Ward, W. T. & Leaders, W. M.

Portable Mercury Vapor Detector

Description: From abstract: "This report describes a functional mercury vapor detector which is a portable, self-contained, survey instrument, and had a minimum range from zero to two-tenths milligram of mercury per cubic meter of air."
Date: March 14, 1958
Creator: McMurray, C. S. & Redmond, J. W.

Uranium Concentration Meter

Description: From abstract; "Two basic instruments were developed for determining the concentration of uranium in solutions. Both instruments detect the gamma activity present in a sample solution, and interpret this analysis into direct presentation as parts per million."
Date: September 24, 1956
Creator: Arnett, Orville

Duck Production Studies on the Prairie Potholes of South Dakota

Description: From introduction: "Determine the extent, distribution, and numbers of small water areas formerly and now present in the prairie pothole region of the Dakotas and Minnesota; to determine their importance to wildlife, the factors bringing about their disappearance, and to develop, if possible, methods for their preservation, if that appears warranted."
Date: March 1956
Creator: Evans, Charles D.

Five Japanese Papers on Skipjack

Description: Reports regarding skipjack fishing grounds in the Northeastern Sea near Japan.
Date: August 1952
Creator: Sasaki, Takeo; Tauchi, Morisaburo; Aikawa, Hiroaki; Uda, Michitaka & Tsukushi, Jiro

Program Study Report Plutonium Fuel Cycle

Description: From introduction: "The development and demonstration of the natural uranium reprocessed plutonium cycle in power reactors is an important phase of the peaceful applications of nuclear energy."
Date: July 30, 1956
Creator: Albaugh, F. W.

Summary of Sportsmen's Expenditures: Missouri River Basin

Description: From introduction: "These surveys were for the purpose of determining the average daily expenditure of fisherman or hunters using specific areas, and this daily expenditure was then used to determine the expenditure per pound of fish, or unit of bird or animal bagged,"
Date: March 1957
Creator: Nichilson, A. J.

Scintillation Hand and Foot Counter

Description: From abstract: "The design of a scintillation counter for measuring radioactive contamination of hands and feet is described."
Date: January 27, 1953
Creator: Goldsworthy, William

Single-Phase Transfer of Liquefied Gases

Description: Report examining the problems of handling liquefied gases and discusses the feasibility of transporting them through piping systems.
Date: December 1, 1958
Creator: Jacobs, Robert B.

Status Report and Plant Proposals for Zirconium Purification

Description: From abstract: "This report contains a summary of the latest improvements in zirconium purification as developed by the Y-12 research, pilot plant, production, and engineering groups, all of whom have been generously cooperating in this project."
Date: November 18, 1955
Creator: Leaders, W. M.

Production of Zirconium at Y-12

Description: Abstract: "A general description is given of the permanent zirconium plant at Y-12. Equipment is described and materials of construction are listed. Photographs illustrating principal equipment and reduced construction drawings are also presented. Operating conditions and costs information are listed."
Date: November 17, 1955
Creator: Ramsey, J. W. & Whitson, W. K., Jr.