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Primary view of An 8-foot axisymmetrical fixed nozzle for subsonic Mach numbers up to 0.99 and for a supersonic Mach number of 1.2
Ritchie, Virgil S.; Wright, Ray H. & Tulin, Marshall P.
February 23, 1950
Primary view of 10 MWe Sodium Deuterium Reactor Design Report
Davis, Peter J.
Primary view of 11,400 KW Nuclear Power Plant Employing an Organic Moderated Reactor: Preliminary Description
Wheelock, C. W.
Primary view of 15 MW Gas-Cooled Closed-Cycle Reactor Power System Study: Final Report, Volumes 1-2
unknown creator
April 1, 1957
Primary view of 20,000 KW Nuclear Power Plant Study for United States Atomic Energy Commission
Gilbert Associates, Inc.
July 7, 1957
Primary view of 100 Areas technical activities report - physics, July 1951
unknown creator
August 3, 1951
Primary view of 100-K water plant facilities data for G.E. scoping
Patterson, R.K.
August 8, 1952
Primary view of 100-Mw Nuclear Power Plant Utilizing a Sodium Cooled, Graphite Moderated Reactor
unknown creator
February 28, 1958
Primary view of 234-5 Building RM line equipment tests, Task III mixer
Collins, P. E.
April 10, 1952
Primary view of 234-5 Development Group - summary report, use of {open_quotes}AT{close_quotes} solution without evaporation
Lyon, W.L. & Facer, J.F.
September 1, 1950
Primary view of 234-5 Development summary report: Recovery of plutonium from skulls
Lyon, W.L. & Facer, J.F.
October 12, 1950
Primary view of 1024 Channel Time-of-Flight Analyzer for MTR Fast Chopper - Operating Manual
Petree, F. L.
March 11, 1959
Coplan, B.V.; Davidson, J.K.; Hass, W.O. & Zebroski, E.L.
January 1, 1950
Primary view of Ability of pilots to control simulated short-period yawing oscillations
Phillips, William H & Cheatham, Donald C
November 13, 1950
Primary view of Abnormal grain growth in M-252 and S-816 alloys
Decker, R F; Rush, A I; Dano, A G & Freeman, J W
November 1957
Primary view of Abnormal grain growth in nickel-base heat-resistant alloys
Decker, R F; Rush, A I; Dano, A G & Freeman, A G
December 1957
Primary view of Abnormal grain growth in S-816 alloy
Rush, A I; Freeman, J W & White, A E
April 1952
Koontz, R.L.; Greenfield, M.A. & Jarrett, A.A.
October 1, 1955
Primary view of The absorption, distribution, and excretion of tritium in men and animals
Pinson, E.A. & Anderson, E.C.
November 24, 1950
Primary view of Absorption Spectra of Aromatic Disulfides
Fava, Antonio & Calvin, Melvin
October 31, 1956
Primary view of The Absorption Spectra of Suspensions of LivingMicro-Organisms
Shibata, K.; Benson, A.A. & Calvin, M.
June 1, 1954
Primary view of Abstract of Paper Presented at the Symposium on Metal ChelateChemistry at Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute on April 26, 1952
Calvin, Melvin
April 1, 1952
Primary view of Ac$sup 227$ AND Th$sup 228$ PRODUCTION AS A FUNCTION OF TIME FOR VARIOUS VALUES OF NEUTRON FLUX. (Information Report)
Grove, G. R.; Russell, L. N. & Orr, S. R.
August 28, 1952
Primary view of Acceleration characteristics of a turbojet engine with variable-position inlet guide vanes
Dobson, W F & Wallner, Lewis E
July 7, 1955