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1000 MegaWatt Boiling Water Reactor Plant Feasibility Study: Volume 3

Description: From introduction: "Contains the appendices and a complete set of drawings related to the 1000 MWe Boiling Water Reactor Plant Feasibility Study performed by the General Electric Company for the United States Atomic Energy Commission."
Date: February 14, 1964
Creator: General Electric Company

1000-MWe LMFBR Follow-On Study, Task I Report: Volume 1

Description: From introduction: "The objective of this study is to provide information that will assist the Atomic Energy Commission in furthering the National Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactor (LMFBR) Program. We plan to accomplish this end, in part, by extending the original studies to include system and component design and parametric evaluations of the nuclear steam supply system and its related systems and subsystems based on a n estimation of the state of technology in 1980."
Date: June 1967
Creator: Goulding, B. J.

6144-Channel Time-of-Flight Analyzer

Description: Report describing a 6144-channel analyzer designed and built for the purpose of analyzing time-of-flight during studies of slow neutron scattering at Hanford Laboratories. This includes descriptions of the analyzer, its logic and circuits, and its test mode.
Date: September 1964
Creator: Walker, R. A. & Russell, J. T.

630A Maritime Nuclear Steam Generator Scoping Study

Description: From foreword: This report presents the results of a study of a nuclear steam generator which uses reactor technology during the aircraft nuclear propulsion program to produce superheated steam for marine propulsion.
Date: April 6, 1962

Abscissas and Weights for Guassian Quadrature For N=2 to 100, and N-125, 150, 175, 200

Description: The abscissas and weights for Gaussian Quadrature of order N = 2 to 100,and N = 125, 150, 175, and 200 are given. The abscissas are given to twenty-four places and the error is estimated to be no more than 1 unit in the last place. The weights are given to twenty-three places and the error is estimated to be no more than 1 unit in the last place.
Date: December 28, 1966
Creator: Love, Carl H.