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1-/sup 11/C-D-glucose and related compounds

Description: The novel compounds 1-/sup 11/C-D-glucose, 1-/sup 11/C-D-mannose, 1-/sup 11/C-D-galactose, 2-/sup 11/C-D-glucose, 2-/sup 11/C-D-mannose and 2-/sup 11/C-D-galactose which can be used in nuclear medicine to monitor the metabolism of glucose and galactose can be rapidly prepared by reaction of the appropriate aldose substrate with an alkali metal /sup 11/C-labeled cyanide followed by reduction with a Raney alloy in formic acid.
Date: January 26, 1982
Creator: Shiue, Chyng-Yann & Wolf, Alfred P.
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Abrasion Resistant Coating and Method of making the same

Description: An abrasion resistant coating is created by adding a ductile phase to a brittle matrix phase during spray coating where an Al-Cu-Fe quasicrystalline phase (brittle matrix) and an FeAl intermetallic (ductile phase) are combined. This composite coating produces a coating mostly of quasicrystal phase and an inter-splat layer of the FeAl phase to help reduce porosity and cracking within the coating. Coatings are prepared by plasma spraying unblended and blended quasicrystal and intermetallic powder… more
Date: June 25, 1999
Creator: Sordelet, Daniel J. & Besser, Matthew F.
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ac-resistance-measuring instrument

Description: An auto-ranging ac resistance measuring instrument for remote measurement of the resistance of an electrical device or circuit connected to the instrument includes a signal generator which generates an ac excitation signal for application to a load, including the device and the transmission line, a monitoring circuit which provides a digitally encoded signal representing the voltage across the load, and a microprocessor which operates under program control to provide an auto-ranging function by… more
Date: April 22, 1981
Creator: Hof, P. J.
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Acoustic energy-driven fluid pump and method

Description: Bulk fluid motion is promoted in a gaseous fluid contained within a conduit system provided with a diffuser without the need for a mean pressure differential across the conduit system. The contacting of the gaseous fluid with unsteady energy at a selected frequency and pressure amplitude induces fluid flow through the conical diffuser. The unsteady energy can be provided by pulse combustors, thermoacoustic engines, or acoustic energy generators such as acoustic speakers.
Date: December 1, 1997
Creator: Janus, Michael C.; Richards, George A. & Robey, Edward H.
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Acoustical heat-pumping engine

Description: The disclosure is directed to an acoustical heat pumping engine without moving seals. A tubular housing holds a compressible fluid capable of supporting an acoustical standing wave. An acoustical driver is disposed at one end of the housing and the other end is capped. A second thermodynamic medium is disposed in the housing near to but spaced from the capped end. Heat is pumped along the second thermodynamic medium toward the capped end as a consequence both of the pressure oscillation due to … more
Date: August 14, 1981
Creator: Wheatley, John C.; Swift, Gregory W. & Migliori, Albert
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Actinide halide complexes

Description: A compound of the formula MX{sub n}L{sub m} wherein M = Th, Pu, Np,or Am thorium, X = a halide atom, n = 3 or 4, L is a coordinating ligand selected from the group consisting of aprotic Lewis bases having an oxygen-, nitrogen-, sulfur-, or phosphorus-donor, and m is 3 or 4 for monodentate ligands or is 2 for bidentate ligands, where n + m = 7 or 8 for monodentate ligands or 5 or 6 for bidentate ligands, a compound of the formula MX{sub n} wherein M, X, and n are as previously defined, and a pro… more
Date: February 7, 1991
Creator: Avens, Larry R.; Zwick, Bill D.; Sattelberger, Alfred P.; Clark, David L. & Watkin, J. G.
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Active imaging system with Faraday filter

Description: This invention is comprised of an active imaging system which has a low to medium powered laser transmitter and a receiver wherein the receiver includes a Faraday filter with an ultranarrow optical bandpass and a bare (nonintensified) CCD camera. The laser is locked in the vicinity of the passband of the Faraday filter. The system has high sensitivity to the laser illumination wile eliminating solar background.
Date: December 31, 1992
Creator: Snyder, J. J.
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Adjustable cutting tool holder

Description: This patent application describes a device for varying the geometry of a cutting tool for use in machining operations.
Date: September 21, 2000
Creator: Steinhour, William Lee III; West, Drew; Honeycutt, Steve; Frank, Steven & Krishnamurthy, Kallutla
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Advanced electrorefiner design

Description: This invention relates to a process and apparatus for electrochemically refining spent nuclear fuel from a nuclear reactor and recovering purified uranium and a mixture of uranium and plutonium for use as fresh blanket and core fuel in a nuclear reactor. A combination anode and cathode is described for an electrorefiner which includes a hollow cathode and an anode positioned inside the hollow cathode such that a portion of the anode is near the cathode. A retaining member is positioned at the b… more
Date: December 31, 1994
Creator: Miller, W. E.; Gay, E. C. & Tomczuk, Z.
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Aerogel Fingerprint Media

Description: A fingerprint medium which is made of an aerogel having a predetermined density. The fingerprint medium may have a midrange density for forming plates or may be crushed forming a powder. The fingerprint medium may further include at least one of a metal and metal oxide to enhance characteristics desirable in a fingerprint medium.
Date: September 21, 1999
Creator: Miller, Fred S. & Andresen, Brian D.
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Alkaline solution absorption of carbon dioxide method and apparatus

Description: Disclosed is a method for measuring the concentration of hydroxides (or pH) in alkaline solutions, using the tendency of hydroxides to adsorb CO{sub 2}. The method comprises passing CO{sub 2} over the surface of an alkaline solution in a remote tank before and after measurements of the CO{sub 2} concentration. Comparison of the measurements yields the adsorption fraction from which the hydroxide concentration can be calculated using a correlation of hydroxide or pH to adsorption fraction. A sch… more
Date: January 1, 1991
Creator: Hobbs, Davd T.
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All ceramic structure for molten carbonate fuel cell

Description: An all-ceramic molten carbonate fuel cell having a composition formed of a multivalent metal oxide or oxygenate such as an alkali metal, transition metal oxygenate. The structure includes an anode and cathode separated by an electronically conductive interconnect. The electrodes and interconnect are compositions ceramic materials. Various combinations of ceramic compositions for the anode, cathode and interconnect are disclosed. The fuel cell exhibits stability in the fuel gas and oxidizing env… more
Date: January 1, 1991
Creator: Smith, James L. & Kucera, Eugenia H.
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All ceramic structure for molten carbonate fuel cell

Description: An all-ceramic molten carbonate fuel cell having a composition formed of a multivalent metal oxide or oxygenate such as an alkali metal, transition metal oxygenate. The structure includes an anode and cathode separated by an electronically conductive interconnect. The electrodes and interconnect are compositions ceramic materials. Various combinations of ceramic compositions for the anode, cathode and interconnect are disclosed. The fuel cell exhibits stability in the fuel gas and oxidizing env… more
Date: December 31, 1991
Creator: Smith, James L. & Kucera, Eeugenia H.
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All-vapor processing of P-type tellurium-containing II-VI semiconductor and ohmic contacts thereof

Description: An all dry method for producing solar cells is provided comprising first heat-annealing a II-VI semiconductor; enhancing the conductivity and grain size of the annealed layer; modifying the surface and depositing a tellurium layer onto the enhanced layer; and then depositing copper onto the tellurium layer so as to produce a copper tellurium compound on the layer.
Date: March 1, 2000
Creator: McCandless, Brian E.
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Americium purification by a combined anion exchange and bidentate organophosphorus solvent extraction process. [Patent application]

Description: Americium is separated from mixtures containing plutonium, other actinides, and other non-lanthamide impurities, by a combined process of anion exchange resin sorption to remove plutonium, and a bidentate organophosphorus solvent extraction of americium of the anion exchange resin effluent. Dihexyl-N,N-diethylcarbamylmethylenephosphonate is a preferred solvent. The initial mixture may be subjected to a cation exchange operation to remove monovalent impurities. The process is especially effectiv… more
Date: April 10, 1981
Creator: Navratil, J.D. & Martella, L.L.
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Ammonia release method for depositing metal oxides

Description: A method of depositing metal oxides on substrates which is indifferent to the electrochemical properties of the substrates and which comprises forming ammine complexes containing metal ions and thereafter effecting removal of ammonia from the ammine complexes so as to permit slow precipitation and deposition of metal oxide on the substrates.
Date: December 31, 1993
Creator: Silver, G.L. & Martin, F.S.
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Ammonia-treated phosphate glasses useful for sealing to metals

Description: A method of improving surface-dependent properties of phosphate glass such as durability and wear resistance without significantly affecting its thermal expansion coefficient is provided which comprises annealing the glass in a dry ammonia atmosphere at temperatures approximating the transition temperature of the glass. The ammonia annealing treatment of the present invention is carried out for a time sufficient to allow incorporation of a thin layer of nitrogen into the surface of the phosphat… more
Date: December 31, 1990
Creator: Brow, R. K. & Day, D. E.
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Amorphous silicon/polycrystalline thin film solar cells

Description: An improved photovoltaic solar cell is described including a p-type amorphous silicon layer, intrinsic amorphous silicon, and an n-type polycrystalline semiconductor such as cadmium sulfide, cadmium zinc sulfide, zinc selenide, gallium phosphide, and gallium nitride. The polycrystalline semiconductor has an energy bandgap greater than that of the amorphous silicon. The solar cell can be provided as a single-junction device or a multijunction device.
Date: March 13, 1991
Creator: Ullal, H. S.
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Analysis of hydrogen isotope mixtures

Description: Disclosed are an apparatus and a method for determining concentrations of hydrogen isotopes in a sample. Hydrogen in the sample is separated from other elements using a filter selectively permeable to hydrogen. Then the hydrogen is condensed onto a cold finger or cryopump. The cold finger is rotated as pulsed laser energy vaporizes a portion of the condensed hydrogen, forming a packet of molecular hydrogen. The desorbed hydrogen is ionized and admitted into a mass spectrometer for analysis.
Date: December 31, 1992
Creator: Villa-Aleman, E.
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Anisotropic fiber alignment in composite structures

Description: High strength material composite structures are formed with oriented fibers to provide controlled anisotropic fibers. Fibers suspended in non-dilute concentrations (e.g., up to 20 volume percent for fibers having an aspect ratio of 20) in a selected medium are oriented by moving an axially spaced array of elements in the direction of desired fiber alignment. The array elements are generally perpendicular to the desired orientation. The suspension medium may also include sphere-like particles wh… more
Date: December 31, 1992
Creator: Graham, A. L.; Mondy, L. A. & Guell, D. C.
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Apparatus and method for critical current measurements

Description: An apparatus for the measurement of the critical current of a superconductive sample, e.g., a clad superconductive sample, the apparatus including a conductive coil, a means for maintaining the coil in proximity to a superconductive sample, an electrical connection means for passing a low amplitude alternating current through the coil, a cooling means for maintaining the superconductive sample at a preselected temperature, a means for passing a current through the superconductive sample, and, a… more
Date: March 15, 1991
Creator: Martin, J. A. & Dye, R. C.
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Apparatus and method for extracting power from energetic ions produced in nuclear fusion

Description: This invention is comprised of an apparatus and method of extracting power from energetic ions produced by nuclear fusion in a toroidal plasma to enhance respectively the toroidal plasma current and fusion reactivity. By injecting waves of predetermined frequency and phase traveling substantially in a selected poloidal direction within the plasma, the energetic ions become diffused in energy and space such that the energetic ions lose energy and amplify the waves. The amplified waves are furthe… more
Date: December 31, 1993
Creator: Fisch, N. J. & Rax, J. M.
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