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The Agricultural Outlook: October 16, 1914

Description: Bulletin issued by the U. S. Department of Agriculture discussing the status of agricultural production in the United States during the autumn (September-November) of 1914, including forecasts for crop yields and livestock reports.
Date: 1914
Creator: United States. Department of Agriculture.

Industrial Alcohol: Uses and Statistics

Description: "It is important that the farmer should have a general idea of the uses to which industrial alcohol (usually denatured) may be devoted. While this information is not necessary for the production of the raw materials, it is nevertheless valuable in indicating the particular lines of industrial development which may be promoted by free alcohol in the arts as related to the welfare of agriculture. The technical uses of alcohol are extremely numerous, and no attempt will be made to give them all, but only to mention those which are of the greatest importance." -- p. 5. Topics include the use of alcohol for heating and illumination in stoves and lamps, as fuel for motors, as a product in farm operations, and as a drink. Statistics on alcohol production in the United States, Great Britain, France, and Germany are included at the end.
Date: 1906
Creator: Wiley, H. W.

The Silverfish: An Injurious Household Insect

Description: This report discusses the silverfish, a pesky insect that destroys books, papers, cards, labels, starched clothing and linens, and even some stored foods. Methods for control are discussed.
Date: 1915
Creator: Marlatt, C. L.