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85 million Americans hold war bonds.

Description: A color image of a man's hand clenching war bonds, as the Statue of Liberty's hand holds its torch above, against a starry night sky. The man's hold on the bonds mimics the statue's hold on the torch.
Date: 1945
Creator: United States. Dept. of the Treasury.

7th War Loan: now--all together.

Description: Small color poster promoting the 7th War Loan. The painting by C. C. Beall is based on a Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph taken by Associated Press photographer, Joe Rosenthal, of the second American flag raising by U.S. Marines on Mount Suribachi, Iwo Jima on February 23, 1945.
Date: 1945
Creator: Beall, C. C. (Cecil Calvert), 1892-1967

Buy now for the bigger 7th War Loan through payroll savings.

Description: Small color poster with a red background. The image is of a diverse group of people standing in a V formation and waving green bills. The group includes white men and women and a black man. They are dressed in a variety of work clothing styles, including overalls, industrial uniforms, and business suits.
Date: 1945
Creator: United States. War Finance Division.

Care is costly: buy and hold war bonds.

Description: Small color poster of a wounded soldier sitting on the ground. He has bandages on his hand and leg and his camouflage helmet lies on the ground next to him.
Date: 1945
Creator: Treidler, Adolph, 1886-1981

Could this be you? : don't travel unless your trip helps win the war.

Description: Four cartoons in black line drawing on white; cartoons appear as paper sheets tacked to a blue background. They depict various excuses for travel which are characterized as frivolous: "It's impossible to find anything in the local shops." "We haven't seen Bob's children since way last fall." "But this contract is vital.""But Grandma misses us so."
Date: 1945
Creator: United States. Office of Defense Transportation.

O'er the ramparts we watch : United States Army Air Forces.

Description: A young man with dark hair stands in the clouds, holding a large rocket-shaped bomb. He wears a brown leather bomber jacket and a silver I.D. bracelet. Small images of military airplanes fly in the clouds below him.
Date: 1945
Creator: Schlaikjer, Jes Wilhelm, 1897-1982

Fill it! : help harvest war crops.

Description: Color poster. In the foreground, a large empty harvesting basket is held out by two hands. In the background, men and women in straw hats harvest crops by hand in a field. A barn and farmhouse can be seen in the distance. At the lower right corner of the poster is the Crops Corps logo: a large blue "C' surrounding a red wheat sheaf.
Date: 1945
Creator: Dohanos, Stevan, 1907-1994.

For peace and security: buy bonds.

Description: The Three Wise Men (Three Kings of the Orient) in colorful garments ride camels toward the Christmas Star.
Date: 1945
Creator: Ball, Linn

Going our way? : be a Victory Farm Volunteer of the U.S. Crop Corps.

Description: Color poster shows an adolescent boy and girl. Both are smiling and neatly dressed. The boy carries farm tools. He has red hair and freckles and wears a windowpane-plaid blue shirt. The girl's blond hair is coiffed and she wears a red dress or blouse. A "Craftsman" brand name mark can be seen on the pitchfork carried by the boy.
Date: 1945
Creator: Bruehl, Anton, 1900-1982.

Grow your own : be sure!

Description: Color poster shows a group of fruits and vegetables on a table. Two red-white-and-blue ribbons in a "V" shape rise from the table.
Date: [1945]
Creator: Strong, Grover.

Keep your Red Cross at his side : give!

Description: Image of a soldier in a helmet. Green foliage is seen in the background. A large Red Cross symbol appears in the lower right area of the poster.
Date: [c. 1945]
Creator: Whitman.

Me travel? --not this summer : vacation at home.

Description: A smiling man relaxes in an easy chair while reading a newspaper and smoking a pipe. A Springer Spaniel dog lies on the floor beside him. On a book case at his side is a framed picture of a young soldier, a radio, and a fan which blows his hair back.
Date: 1945
Creator: Dorne, Albert, 1904-1965.

A message about food from the President of the United States.

Description: A message from President Harry Truman, urging Americans to grow, preserve, and conserve food. This is an all lettered poster, white printing on blue background, with a U.S. seal appearing at the top center.
Date: 1945
Creator: United States. Dept. of Agriculture.

Newsmap for the Armed Forces

Description: Front: Maps: Major bases proposed for postwar U.S. Navy; Japan: American troops invest the enemy homeland. Photograph: First U.S. Occupation Forces March Down Tokyo Street. Back: Comparison chart of non-commissioned grades and ratings of the armed forces (Army, Navy and Coast Guard, Marine Corps).
Date: September 17, 1945
Creator: [United States.] Army Service Forces. Army Information Branch.

Newsmap for the Armed Forces : 4 years after Pearl Harbor

Description: Front: Text describes photographs: U.S. destroyer Shaw -- Third Fleet Unit -- Nazis march in Vienna -- 35th Infantry Division troops in Polch, Poland -- Joachim von Ribbentrop -- Signatures on the United Nations Security Charter -- Nipponese who helped capture the headquarters of Chinese 29th Army at Tungchow -- Pfc. Cecil Cunningham, of St. Louis, MO in Tokyo -- Navy Secretary Frank Knox draws the second number in the Third Selective Service drawing -- Five Michigan men leave a separation center at Fort Sheridan, Ill. after discharge. Back: Map shows eastern portion of the United States with population statistics by state and per person income payments in 1940 and 1944.
Date: December 10, 1945
Creator: [United States.] Army Information Branch.

Newsmap for the Armed Forces : 1945: Year of Victory

Description: Front: Text describes photographs. Photographs: German PWs arriving in States on V-E-Day; January: Yanks on Luzon; February: "Big three" at Yalta; March: across the Rhine at Remagen; April: Franklin Delano Roosevelt dies; May: V-E-Day; June: United Nations; July: Potsdam Conference; August: atomic age begins; September: V-J-Day ends World War II; October: Goering and 23 other high Nazis indicted for war crimes; November: new chief of staff; December: Moscow meeting. Back: If you plan to return to school or college. Text describes how to apply for college credit for Army training. 2 photographs.
Date: December 31, 1945
Creator: [United States.] Army Information Branch.

Newsmap. For the Armed Forces. 277th week of the war, 159th week of U.S. participation

Description: Front: Text describes action on various war fronts: German offensive gains momentum, "Greatest Japanese Defeat," Soviet forces in action, Fighting bitter on Italian front. Maps: [German offensive] -- Mindoro -- Philippine Islands -- Leyte, Samar battle area -- Czechoslovakia, Hungary border -- Northern Italy near Bologna. Back: 1945 calendar with advice: "Every day be careful what you say or write!"
Date: January 1, 1945
Creator: [United States.] Army Service Forces. Army Information Branch.

Newsmap. For the Armed Forces. 278th week of the war, 160th week of U.S. participation

Description: Front: Text describes action on various war fronts: Jap-Held Island Hammered from Air, Philippines take Allied Aerial Blows, Allies Blunt German Western Front Drive, Battle Rages Inside Budapest. Maps: Burma, India, China -- Iwo-Jima -- Distance from Japan to Saipan -- Philippine targets -- Belgium region -- Central Europe -- Eastern front. Back: Map of Germany and its approaches.
Date: January 8, 1945
Creator: [United States.] Army Service Forces. Army Information Branch.