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[Appendix B: Petrographic Photomicrographs]

Description: Photomicrographs of core samples submitted for petrographic analysis from Moffat and Routt Counties in northwest Colorado collected for the Sand Wash Basin Drilling Project, which identified areas in the region favorable for uranium occurrences.
Date: September 1981
Creator: Carter, Thomas E. & Wayland, Thomas E.

[Appendix D. Detailed petrography]

Description: Images depicting rocks from the exploration area of the Spokane Mountains in Northeastern Washington for the National Uranium Resource Evaluation Program.
Date: April 1981
Creator: Babcock, Lyndon; Beck, P.; Farley, W.; Lechler, P.; Lindgren, J.; Miller, D. et al.

Statistical Techniques Applied to Aerial Radiometric Surveys (STAARS): Principal Components Analysis User's Manual, Figure 8

Description: Clear film copy of figure 8 meant to be laid over figure 7 in a report regarding computer techniques for analyzing aerial radiometric surveys. The figure outlines numbered segments (explained on p. 35/36 of the report) that highlight specific geologic features in the area highlighted by the report.
Date: January 1981
Creator: Koch, C. D.; Pirkle, F. L. & Schmidt, J. S.
Location: None

[Thunderbirds Decal]

Description: Round decal in the center of a square sheet, featuring an image of a USAF thunderbird jet, viewed from slightly below, in front of a feathered bird surrounded by a storm cloud with lightning. The bottom of the jet is decorated to look like a dark-colored bird and there are red, white, and blue stripes around the nose and wings. Red text curved around the top of the image says "A Legend Reborn" with "Thunderbirds" written in white script along the bottom.
Date: April 30, 1988
Creator: United States. Air Force.

[Thunderbirds Logo]

Description: Lithograph of the "Thunderbirds" logo which includes a stylized blue thunderbird with a red circle over the center. Four blue fighter jets are within a white star inside the circle. There is script with that says "Thunderbirds" curved below the bird's tail and a black line surrounding the outside of the logo.
Date: October 3, 1987
Creator: United States. Air Force.
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