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Primary view of 1.5% boron, stainless steel
Schreiber, J.J.
September 19, 1962
Primary view of A 1.5 GeV compact light source with superconducting bending magnets
Garren, A. A.; Cline, D. B.; Kolonko, J. J.; Green, M. A.; Johnson, D. E.; Leung, E. M. et al.
May 1995
Primary view of 1.5-GeV FFAG Accelerator for the AGS Facility
Ruggiero, A. G.; Blaskiewicz, M.; Courant, E.; Trbojevic, D.; Tsoupas, N. & Zhang, W.
February 1, 2004
Smith, C.K. & Parkinson, R.Y.
October 31, 1966
Primary view of 1.06 μm 150 psec laser damage study of diamond turned, diamond turned/ polished and polished metal mirrors
Saito, T. T.; Milam, D.; Baker, P. & Murphy, G.
July 24, 1975
Primary view of Site system engineering implementation Fiscal Year 1998 multi-year work plan
Ferguson, J. E.
October 3, 1997
Primary view of 1.8.3 Site system engineering FY 1997 program plan
Grygiel, M. L.
September 13, 1996
Primary view of A 1.8 Mev K+ injector for the high current beam transport experiment fusion
Kwan, J.W.; Bieniosek,F.M.; Henestroza, E.; Prost, L. & Seidl, P.
May 20, 2002
Primary view of 1?10 kW Stationary Combined Heat and Power Systems Status and Technical Potential: Independent Review
Maru, H. C.; Singhal, S. C.; Stone, C. & Wheeler, D.
November 1, 2010
Primary view of 1.5D Quasilinear Model for Alpha Particle-TAE Interaction in ARIES ACT-I
Ghantous, K.; Gorelenkov, N. N.; Kessel, C. & Poli, F.
January 30, 2013
Hansen, E.
February 1, 2006
Primary view of 1- and 2-D computer analysis of an HDL stress wave switch
Mahler, J.
June 25, 1974
Primary view of E-1 CAM Revision 4
April 30, 1970
Primary view of E-1 common analog model
unknown creator
July 1, 1969
Primary view of E-1 common analog model. Revision 6.1 (RN-S-0469)
December 29, 1970
Primary view of 1-D Equilibrium Discrete Diffusion Monte Carlo
Evans, T. M.; Urbatsch, T. J. & Lichtenstein, H.
August 2000
Primary view of 1-D Van der Waals Foams Heated by Ion Beam Energy Deposition
Zylstra, A; Barnard, J J & More, R M
March 19, 2010
Primary view of 1-D Van der Waals Foams Heated by Ion Beam Energy Deposition
Zylstra, A. B.; Barnard, J. J. & More, R. M.
December 23, 2009
Primary view of 1 GeV CW nonscaling FFAG for ADS, and magnet parameters
Johnstone, C.; Meot, F.; Snopok, P. & Weng, W.
May 20, 2012
Primary view of 1-GeV Linac Upgrade Study at Fermilab
Popovic, M.; Moretti, A.; Noble, R. & Schmidt, C. W.
September 1998
Primary view of A 1-kW power demonstration from the advanced free electron laser
Sheffield, R. L.; Conner, C. A. & Fortgang, C. M.
August 1997
Primary view of 1/m<sub>c</sub> Terms in lambda<sup>+</sup><sub>c</sub> Semileptonic Decays
Roberts, Winston
February 1, 1992
Primary view of O(1/M{sup 3}) effects for heavy-light mesons in lattice NRQCD
Lewis, Randy & Woloshyn, R. M.
March 1998
Primary view of 1: Mass asymmetric fission barriers for {sup 98}Mo; 2: Synthesis and characterization of actinide-specific chelating agents
Veeck, A. C.
August 1, 1996