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Primary view of Legal Analysis of President Reagan's Proposed Constitutional Amendment on School Prayer
Ackerman, David M.
June 2, 1982
Primary view of Prayer and Religion in the Public Schools: What Is, and Is Not, Permitted
Ackerman, David M.
September 4, 1980
Primary view of Supreme Court: Church-State Cases, October 1983 Term
Ackerman, David M.
December 14, 1983
Primary view of Japan: Prospects for Greater Market Openness
Ahearn, Raymond J.
June 26, 1989
Primary view of Conrail Sale: Labor Aspects
Ahmuty, Alice L
June 27, 1985
Primary view of Pay Equity - The Comparable Worth Issue: Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value; By What Standards and By What Means?
Ahmuty, Alice L
April 20, 1983
Primary view of Ethylene Dibromide: Regulatory Background
Aidala, James V.
February 8, 1984
Primary view of Pesticides Regulation: Current Issues
Aidala, James V.
May 14, 1984
Primary view of Predator Control and Compound 1080
Aidala, Jim
May 4, 1984
Primary view of The Changing World of Financial Intermediaries and Related Institutions: Survey of Major Developments and Their Implications for Public Policy
Allen, Julius W
December 30, 1982
Primary view of Women in the United States Congress
Amer, Mildred L.
April 24, 1985
Primary view of An Economic Analysis and Brief Legislative Overview of Usury Ceilings
Anderson, William
July 2, 1981
Primary view of Acid Rain: Does it Contribute to Forest Decline?
Backiel, Adela
January 24, 1985
Primary view of Sport Hunting in Alaska
Backiel, Adela
May 1, 1984
Primary view of Black and Hispanic Federal Judges: 1900 to Present
Bailey, Dorothy J
August 9, 1983
Primary view of Parental Notification for Family Planning Services: Title X Regulations
Bailey, Susan
May 18, 1983
Primary view of Ethiopian Food Situation: International Response
Barnes, Lafayette
June 28, 1985
Primary view of Basic Reference Sources For Use by Congressional Offices: An Annotated Selection of Publications and Services
Barry, Rozanne M. & Ovenshire, Ruthann
December 15, 1982
Primary view of The General Motors-Toyota Joint Venture and Its Competitive Implications
Bass, Gwenell L
July 13, 1983
Primary view of Compendium of Precedents Involving Evidentiary Rulings and Applications of Evidentiary Principles from Selected Impeachment Trials
Bazan, Elizabeth B.; Shampansky, Jay R.; Crump, Karen & Nicholson, Maribel
July 3, 1989
Primary view of Genocide Convention
Bite, Vita
July 25, 1985
Primary view of Human Rights and U.S. Foreign Policy
Bite, Vita
November 24, 1982
Primary view of Human Rights in U.S. Foreign Relations: Six Key Questions in the Continuing Policy Debate
Bite, Vita
December 10, 1981
Primary view of Heroin: Legalization for Medical Use
Blanchard, Randall, IV
March 14, 1984