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Chromite and quicksilver deposits of the Del Puerto area, Stanislaus County, California

Description: From Introduction: "The present report is based on 10 weeks of field work from mid-November 1940 until late January 1941, and 4 days in May 1941. An area of 5 1/2 square miles in and about Del Puerto Canyon was mapped on a scale of 600 feet to 1 inch, and two small areas in the vicinity of the Adobe Canyon and Black Bart chromite mines were mapped on a scale of 200 feet to 1 inch."
Date: 1942
Creator: Hawkes, H. E., Jr.; Wells, Francis G. & Wheeler, D. P., Jr.

Statistical Techniques Applied to Aerial Radiometric Surveys (STAARS): Principal Components Analysis User's Manual, Figure 8

Description: Clear film copy of figure 8 meant to be laid over figure 7 in a report regarding computer techniques for analyzing aerial radiometric surveys. The figure outlines numbered segments (explained on p. 35/36 of the report) that highlight specific geologic features in the area highlighted by the report.
Date: January 1981
Creator: Koch, C. D.; Pirkle, F. L. & Schmidt, J. S.
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Mineral industry of Alaska in 1934

Description: From Introduction: "The value of its mineral resources has long been recognized as a matter of concern in the welfare of every nation, and all wise governments almost from time immemorial have taken steps to find out about, utilize, and safeguard such of these natural resources as lie within their own boundaries or to acquire rights in those they need that lie outside those boundaries. Obviously one of these lines concerns itself with the record of present performance-how much of the different mineral commodities is the country at present producing, where does this production come from and what are the facts as to the current developments in the industry? To answer some of these questions authoritatively is part of the work of the Alaskan branch of the Geological Survey, and answers to those questions for the year 1934 are given in the accompanying report."
Date: 1936
Creator: Smith, Philip S.

Uranium Geochemical Survey in the Crystal City and Beeville Quadrangles, Texas: Appendix J

Description: Data collected as part of a uranium geochemical survey in the Crystal City and Beeville Quadrangles in Texas including laboratory data stream sediments and water, well water, and botanical samples for phase 1 (pp. 1-8); for phase 2 including the same with lake samples (pp 9-36); well water samples only for phase G (p. 37); and field data for all phases (pp. 38-374).
Date: February 11, 1977
Creator: Nichols, C. E.; Butz, T. R.; Cagle, G. W. & Kane, V. E.