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Primary view of The 5- by 7-meter wind tunnel of the DVL
Kramer, M
October 3, 1936
Primary view of The 6-foot-4-inch wind tunnel at the Washington Navy Yard
Desmond, G L & Mccrary, J A
August 1935
Primary view of The 7 by 10 foot wind tunnel of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
Harris, Thomas A
Primary view of The 1929 Rhon soaring-flight contest
Lippisch, Alexander
April 1930
Primary view of The 1933 contest for the Deutsch de la Meurthe trophy
Leglise, Pierre; Hirschauer, L & Saladin, Raymond
October 1933
Primary view of The 1934 contest for the Deutsch de la Meurthe trophy
Leglise, Pierre
February 1935
Primary view of N.A.C.A. Stall-Warning Device
Thompson, F. L.
February 1938
Primary view of The Aachen wind-tunnel balance
Wieselsberger, C
November 1934
Primary view of Accelerated Laboratory Test for Determination of Slacking Characteristics of Coal
Fieldner, Arno Carl; Selvig, W. A. & Frederic, W. H.
November 1930
Primary view of Acceleration, stress, and deflection measurements on the XB-15 bomber in gusty air
Pearson, Henry A
June 1939
Primary view of Accelerations in Landing with a Tricycle-Type Landing Gear
Jones, Robert T.
February 1937
Primary view of Accident Experience and Cost of Accidents in Washington Coal Mines
Ash, S. H.
November 1931
Primary view of Accounting System and Office-Management Procedure for Medium-Size Metal Mines
Keller, Albert E.
Primary view of Accurate calculation of multispar cantilever and semicantilever wings with parallel webs under direct and indirect loading
Sanger, Eugen
March 1932
Primary view of An accurate method of measuring the moments of inertia of airplanes
Miller, M P
October 1930
Primary view of Activation of hydrocarbons and the octane number
Peschard, Marcel
October 1939
Primary view of Additional test data on static longitudinal stability
Hubner, Walter
August 1934
Primary view of Adhesion of ice in its relation to the de-icing of airplanes
Rothrick, A M & Selden, R
August 1939
Primary view of Adjusting Corn Belt Farming to Meet Corn-Borer Conditions
Kenneth Hayes Myers, 1898-
Primary view of Advantages of oxide films as bases for aluminum pigmented surface coatings for aluminum alloys
Buzzard, R W & Mutchler, W H
November 1931
Primary view of An aerodynamic analysis of the autogiro rotor with a comparison between calculated and experimental results
Wheatley, John B
Primary view of The aerodynamic analysis of the gyroplane rotating-wing system
Wheatley, John B
March 1934
Primary view of The aerodynamic aspect of wing-fuselage fillets
Muttray, H
February 1935
Primary view of Aerodynamic characteristics of a 4-engine monoplane showing comparison of air-cooled and liquid-cooled engine installations
Wilson, Herbert A , Jr & Silverstein, Abe
July 1939