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Primary view of The 1958 He4 Scale of Temperatures: Part 1. Introduction, Part 2. Tables for the 1958 Temperature Scale
Brickwedde, F. G. (Ferdinand Graft), 1903-; van Dijk, H.; Durieux, M.; Clement, J. R. & Logan, J. K.
June 17, 1960
Primary view of Abscissas and Weights for Guassian Quadrature For N=2 to 100, and N-125, 150, 175, 200
Love, Carl H.
December 28, 1966
Primary view of Acceleration Due to Gravity at the National Bureau of Standards
Tate, Douglas Roy
June 1968
Primary view of Acid-Base Behavior in Aprotic Organica Solvents
Davis, Marion Maclean
August 1968
Primary view of Activities of the NBS Spectrochemical Analysis Section: July 1970 to June 1971
Heinrich, Kurt F. J. & Rasberry, S. D.
January 1972
Primary view of America Joins a Metric World
United States. National Bureau of Standards.
February 1976
Primary view of Amplitude-Probability Distributions for Atmospheric Radio Noise
Chrichlow, W. Q.; Spaulding, A. D.; Roubique, C. J. & Disney, R. T.
November 4, 1960
Primary view of Analysis of Alternating-Current Waves by the Method of Fourier, with Special Reference to Methods of Facilitating the Computations
Grover, Frederick W.
Primary view of Analysis of Coaxial Two-Terminal Conical Capacitor
Selby, M. C.
April 6, 1962
Primary view of Analysis of Electric Energy Usage in Air Force Houses Equipped with Air-to-Air Heat Pumps
Archenbach, Paul R.; Davis, Joseph C. & Smith, William T.
July 13, 1962
Primary view of Analysis of Optically Excited Mercury Molecules
Drullinger, R. E.; Hessel, M. M. & Smith, E. W.
January 1975
Primary view of Analysis of Tentative Seismic Design Provisions for Buildings
Harris, James Robert; Fenves, Steven J. & Wright, Richard N.
July 1979
Primary view of Analytical and Experimental Analysis of Procedures for Testing Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems
Fanney, A. H.; Thomas, W. C.; Scarbrough, C. A. & Terlizzi, C. P.
February 1982
Primary view of Analytical Standards for Trace Elements in Petroleum Products
Isbell, H. S.; Tipson, R. Stuart; Hague, J. L.; Scribner, B. F.; Smith, W. Harold; Wade, Clarence W. R. et al.
October 1, 1962
Primary view of Annotated Bibliography on Soft X-ray Spectroscopy
Yakowitz, Harvey, 1939- & Cuthill, J. R.
June 29, 1962
Primary view of Annual Report and Directory of Accredited Laboratories: 1981
NVLAP (Program : U.S.)
September 1982
Primary view of Annual Report and Directory of Accredited Laboratories: 1982
NVLAP (Program : U.S.)
September 1983
Primary view of Annual Report of the Director of the Bureau of Standards to the Secretary of Commerce for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 1922
Stratton, S. W.
Primary view of Annual Variation of Temperature Field and Heat Transfer Under Heated Ground Surfaces (Slab-on-Grade Floor Heat Loss Calculation)
Kusuda, Tamami; Piet, O. & Bean, J. W.
June 1983
Primary view of An Apparatus for Measuring the Relative Wear of Sole Leathers, and the Results Obtained with Leather from Different Parts of a Hide
Hart, R. W. & Bowker, B. C.
November 22, 1919
Primary view of Application of Method of Characteristics to Model the Transport of Discrete Solids in Partially-Filled Pipe Flow
Swaffield, J. A.
February 1982
Primary view of Applications of Waveguide and Circuit Theory to the Development of Accurate Microwave Measurement Methods and Standards
Beatty, R. W.
August 1973
Primary view of Atomic Energy Levels in Crystals
Prather, John L.
February 24, 1961
Primary view of Automated Measurement of Frequency Response of Frequency-Modulated Generators Using the Bessel Null Method
Major, J. R.; Livingston, E. M. & Adair, Robert T.
March 1986