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Aerodynamic tests of a full-scale TBF-1 aileron installation in the Langley 16-foot high-speed tunnel

Description: The failure of wing panels on a number of TBF-1 and TBM-1 airplanes in flight has prompted several investigations of the possible causes of failure. This report describes tests in the Langley 16-foot high-speed tunnel to determine whether these failures could be attributed to changes in the aerodynamic characteristics of the ailerons at high speeds. The tests were made of a 12-foot-span section including the tip and aileron of the right wing of a TBF-1 airplane. Hinge moments, control-link stresses due to aerodynamic buffeting, and fabric-deflection photographs were obtained at true airspeeds ranging from 110 to 365 miles per hour. The aileron hinge-moment coefficients were found to vary only slightly with airspeed in spite of the large fabric deflections that developed as the speed was increased. An analysis of these results indicated that the resultant hinge moment of the ailerons as installed in the airplane would tend to restore the ailerons to their neutral position for all the high-speed flight conditions covered in the tests. Serious aerodynamic buffeting occurred at up aileron angles of -10 degrees or greater because of stalling of the sharp projecting lip of the Frise aileron. The peak stresses set up in the aileron control linkages in the buffeting condition were as high as three times the mean stress. During the hinge-moment investigation, flutter of the test installation occurred at airspeeds of about 150 miles per hour. This flutter condition was investigated in some detail and slow-motion pictures were made of the motion of the wing tip and aileron. The flutter was found to involve simultaneous normal bending and chordwise oscillation of the wing and flapping of the aileron. The aileron motion appeared to be coupled with this flutter condition and was investigated in some detail and slow-motion pictures were made of the motion of the ...
Date: December 1944
Creator: Becker, John V & Korycinski, Peter F

Air-consumption parameters for automatic mixture control of aircraft engines

Description: Data obtained from Navy calibration tests of an 18-cylinder, two-row, radial engine of 3350-cubic-inch displacement and a 14-cylinder, two-row, radial engine of 2600-cubic-inch displacement (carburetor types) were analyzed to show the correlation between the air consumption of these engines and the parameters that evaluate the air consumption from intake-manifold temperature and pressure, exhaust back pressure, and engine speed.
Date: September 1, 1944
Creator: Shames, Sidney J

Analyses of Kentucky Coals

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Mines discussing analyses of the Eastern and Western coal fields in Kentucky. The two coal fields are described in detail. This report includes tables, and illustrations.
Date: 1944
Creator: McFarlan, Arthur C.

Analyses of Pennsylvania Anthracitic Coals

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Mines discussing the anthracite coal fields of Pennsylvania. History, geology, and mining methods of the anthracite fields are presented. This report includes tables, illustrations, and maps.
Date: 1944
Creator: Ashley, George H.; Toenges, Albert L.; McElroy, G. E.; Siclen, M. Van; Buch, J. W.; Snyder, N. H. et al.

Analysis of Experimental Investigations of the Planing Process of the Surface of Water

Description: Pressure distribution and spray measurements were carried out on rectangular flat and V-bottom planing surfaces. Lift, resistance, and center of pressure data are analyzed and it is shown how these values may be computed for the pure planing procees of a flat or V-bottom suface of arbitrary beam, load and speed, the method being illustrated with the aid of an example.
Date: March 1944
Creator: Sottorf, W.

Analysis of square shear web above buckling load

Description: A solution of Von Karman's fundamental equations for plates with large deflections is presented for the case of a shear web divided into square panels by reinforcing struts. Numerical solutions are given for struts of infinite rigidity and for struts the weight of which is one-fourth the weight of the sheet. The results are compared with Wagner's diagonal tension theory as extended by Kuhn and by Langhaar. It is found that the diagonal tension theory as developed by Kuhn agrees best with the present paper in the practical range when r=1/4. Kuhn's theory is in especially good agreement for the force in the strut when r=1/4.
Date: July 1, 1944
Creator: Levy, Samuel; Fienup, Kenneth L & Woolley, Ruth M