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Amish Teacher Dialogues with Teacher Educators: Research, Culture, and Voices of Critique
Article discussing a collaborative project to examine literature and research on the Amish culture.
A Critical Analysis of Philosophies of Education and INTASC Standards in Teacher Preparation
This article offers a critical analysis of philosophies of education and the Interstate New Teachers Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC) standards in teacher preparation.
Critical Pedagogy: Translation for Education that is Multicultural
Article on a study examining the translation of multicultural learning activities in a college classroom into critical pedagogy in the public school classrooms.
Engaging Pre-Service Teachers in an Exploration of the Politics of Language
This article discusses engaging pre-service teachers in an exploration of the politics of language.
Maternal Pregnancy Intention and Professional Antenatal Care Utilization in Bangladesh: A Nationwide Population-Based Survey
This article investigates the association between maternal pregnancy intention and professional antenatal and delivery care utilization.
Nurturing Life-Long Language Learners
This article discusses nurturing life-long language learners.
Peer Coaching and Action Research as Professional Development
This paper discusses a project to improve professional development techniques that will improve how K-12 educators teach writing skills.
Provisions of Trustworthiness in Critical Narrative Research: Bridging Intersubjectivity and Fidelity
This article is a reflective-reflexive examination of provisions of trustworthiness in critical narrative research.
Senior Projects in a Rural School
This article discusses senior projects in a rural school. Technology and a school-university partnership enabled high school faculty members to implement the Senior Project. The authors describe the process of change, the project requirements, and the learning that resulted for students and faculty.