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[Yu Garden]

Description: Photograph of buildings in the Yu Garden of Shanghai, China. In the foreground, two trees sit in front of a one story building. The building is decorated with intricate wooden carvings. In the background, another building is visible on the left side of the frame.
Date: June 1984
Creator: Gough, Ray

Yu Garden (Yuyuan): Garden View

Description: Characteristic elements in Chinese gardens: water, trees, rocks & buildings, and changes in elevation are visible in this view. Rock formations in the background with a pagoda structure.
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Date: 1559/1577
Location Info:

Yungang Cave Number 6, Fantastic Animal Head with Antlers

Description: An animal head with antlers graces the top of a column which appears to support a lintel. The creature looks simultaneously human and animal with large eyes and a pierced nose. Four-pronged antlers emerge from the top of the head that is covered with green hair-like detail.
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Date: [0470..0494]
Location Info:

Z 99-5

Description: The abstract painting consists of shades of tan, white, black and gray with two bars of gradations floating on the surface, one lower edge and one center right.
Date: 1999
Creator: Falsetta, Vincent

Zapluty karzeł reakcji

Description: Poster used in the Polish Solidarity movement during the 1980s depicting a man with large ears, spectacles and spewing from his mouth. The words Zapluty karzeł reakcji are underneath the figure. The words and image are in black on a white ground.
Date: 1980/1990

[Zigzag Roof]

Description: Photograph of a church in le Mont-Saint-Michel, France. In the foreground, a cloister is visible with a zig zag tile roof. The church body is visible in the background.
Date: unknown
Creator: Gough, Ray