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Portrait of Vladimir Samoylov as Hamlet
The painting depicts a portrait of a young man dressed in armor and a shirt with puffy, red sleeves with white insets. His hands are on his hips and he wears a wide sash tied in a bow around his waist. His hair is parted and short and he sports a mustache.
Portrait of Vladimir Vasil'evich Stasov (1824-1906)
Full-bust portrait of a white-bearded man wearing a heavy fur coat and a small, dark hat.
Portrait of Willem Burchgraeff
head, lace collar
[Portrait Sphinx of Rameses II]
Photograph of a portrait sphinx of Rameses II in Memphis, Egypt. The sphinx in visible in the center foreground in profile. A dry landscape with palm trees is visible behind the sphinx.
Portraits of the Four Tetrarchs
1 sculpture : porphyry ; 135 cm high.
Possibly William Metcalf
No Description Available.
Poster advertising Alcazar d'Ete starring Kanjarowa
The back-side view of a woman wearing a pink dress and long black gloves is featured on a poster advertising the famous cafe.
Poster Dress: "The Cat"
"The Cat" (aka "Pussy Cat") poster dress. Mini-dress of screen printed "paper" (75% rayon, 25% nylon? or tissue/rayon/wood pulp), of simple a-line shape, rounded neckline, sleeveless, with velcro opening at left shoulder. Velcro along left seam. Approx. knee-length. Unlined. Label has detached from center back inside neckline, held on hanger with safety pin. "London" Poster tm Dress" "Medium"
[Poster for a Lecture by Dr. David Darts]
Poster for a lecture presented by Dr. David Darts titled "The Makers of Things: Art Education and Freedom in the Digital Age of Digital DIY" which was the 4th annual D. Jack Davis Endowed Lecture in Arts Education. The poster includes a photograph of Darts with children at a playground as well as details about the lecture, held at UNT on the Square on Wednesday March 9, 2011, and logos for UNT and the College of Visual Arts + Design.
[Poster for The Politics of Taste Symposium]
Poster advertising a symposium titled "The Politics of Taste in Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century Latin America" held at Meadows Museum, Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas, September 17, 2010. The poster includes an illustration of a colonial-era gentleman and a map of Central and South America. Text on the right side of the poster describes the topic of the symposium, lists the speakers, and gives details about the time and location.
Posters at Trouville
No Description Available.
[Pot storage]
Photograph of a pot storage area in Shigaraki, Japan. A stairway intersects the right foreground in front of rows of stacked pots. Pots of different sizes fill the storeroom.
[Potted Scenery Garden]
Photograph of the Potted Scenery Garden in Guilin, China. In the foreground, a bench is visible. A small potted tree sits atop the bench. White wooden latticework is visible behind the tree in a wall. An opening in the wall is visible on the left side leading to a dark room with stone tiles.
[Pottery Wheel]
Photograph of a man working on a pottery wheel in Shigaraki, Japan. In the foreground, a man wearing a dirty white shirt and head wrap is visible working on a bowl on a pottery wheel. The windows of the workshop are visible in the background.
[Pottery wheel]
Photograph of the Kiyomizu Pottery Community in Kyoto, Japan. In the foreground, a worker is visible at a pottery wheel. Other workers are visible in the foreground. A single bulb illuminates the image.
[Pottery workshop]
Photograph of the Kiyomizu Pottery Community in Kyoto, Japan. A small workshop is visible in the foreground. Three workers sit and paint bowls while others walk around and observe. Rows of bowls and dishes line the back wall.
Pouch - Turkish Festival Outfit
Pouch. Orange cotton pouch, rounded at bottom. Suspended by gold metallic cord. Edged with metallic thread lace. The surface of the pouch is embroidered with various colors of metallic embroidery, mostly chain-stitch. Lined in orange cotton.
Powder Compact
Pendant compact of sterling silver and enamel. The small, circular compact has plain silver sides and base; the lid embellished with pale blue enamel over engraved guilloche patterns. Plain silver circle at center, surrounded by blue circular field with engraved pinwheel design; the outer border with silver edges, divided into four arcs, and with 4 "keystone" or "T" shapes at cardinal points, the fields enameled pale blue over engraved ground. Pressure clasp opens to reveal interior, plain, with circular mirror in lid. On outside at hinge is loop to suspend from a chain or ribbon. Stamped on base: "Sterling" Contains small circular "puff" of dense beige felt-like material.
Power Outlet
This low-chroma ink wash painting depicts a power outlet on the floor, almost buried in the ruin surrounding it. The artist was selected by the Union Art Gallery Committee to have a one-person exhibition in the Union Gallery. This painting was exhibited in the Union Gallery, Union Building, from August 27 until September 13, 2012.
Photograph of buildings in Prague, Czech Republic. In the foreground, a cluster of buildings is visible with various gables and slanted rooftops. The building on the right has a clock mounted to the top gable.
Prague: View from the Moldau Pier IV
No Description Available.
Prayer Hall
The view moves from the exterior to the interior of the granite prayer hall. The entrance is topped with an arched panel above the lintel and a stupa can be seen through the opening which includes carved figures flanking the doorway.
Prayer Hall
This view shows the richly carved surface of the foyer walls.
Prayer Hall
The view shows the foyer and a general lateral view with arch, beam and wall decorations including carved colossal elephants.
Prayer Hall
The view rakes upward to show the carved details of the wall surface and the architectural detail.
Prayer Hall, relief sculpture
The relief sculpture detail in the foyer of the prayer hall is seen in this view. The figures are a standing man and a standing woman. The man's right hand is on the shoulder of the woman.
Prayer Hall, sculptures
The interior of the prayer hall includes relief carvings and decorations with a sculpture of an elephant reaching out into the space in the round. In the far corner is a standing couple.
Praying Youth
This view shows the reproduction in the nineteenth century of an ancient Greek sculpture by Boidas of a male youth, arms raised, palms upward, to the sky.
The Preacher
Black and white lithograph is abstract.
Pieces of what resembles a pregnant body are strewn on the floor.
Preliminary Design for Wall Hanging
No Description Available.
Preparation of Christ's Tomb
right half: Job, Virgin
Preparation of Christ's Tomb
No Description Available.
Preparation of Christ's Tomb
Christ and men preparing tomb
Preparation of Christ's Tomb
No Description Available.
Preparation of Christ's Tomb
upper left corner
Preparation of Christ's Tomb
close-up detail of Job
Presentation in the Temple
No Description Available.
Presentation in the Temple
Painting depicting Presentation in the Temple.
President Theodore Roosevelt of the United States of America and the German Kaiser Wilhelm II, in the dispute over the German Blockade of Venezuela
No Description Available.
The Presidential Family
No Description Available.
Two-part painting of white multi-level structure and below is a male figure with a white clown like painted face.
close detail: one of the Three Graces
Prince Friedrich August II (1696-1763), elected 1736 as King August III of Poland
No Description Available.
The Prince Ginak
No Description Available.
The Prince Ginak
No Description Available.
Prince of Darkness
The artwork created on a black background has as the main image what might be a multi-color seated figure. Spots of color dot the sky and on the right hand side is a silver gray vertical streak running the length of the work. The work is abstracted.
A Prince of Saxony
A young man with golden hair, red coat, and a small wreath-like crown is depicted in this portrait.
The Procession, Seville
No Description Available.
Procuratie Vecchie and Clock Tower