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Number 26: And people all over the South began to discuss this great movement.
No Description Available.
Number 28: The labor agent who had been sent south by northern industry was a very familiar person in the Negro counties.
No Description Available.
Number 30: In every home people who had not gone North met and tried to decide if they should go North or not.
No Description Available.
Number 32: The railroad stations in the South were crowded with people leaving for the North.
No Description Available.
Number 34: The Negro press was also influential in urging the people to leave the South.
No Description Available.
Number 36: In Chicago and other cities they labored in the steel mills
No Description Available.
Number 38: They also worked in large numbers on the railroad.
No Description Available.
Number 40
No Description Available.
Number 40: The migrants arrived in great numbers.
No Description Available.
Number 42: Sometimes the [labor] agents disguised themselves to avoid arrest, but the migrants were often taken from railroad stations and jailed until the trains departed
No Description Available.
Number 44: Living conditions in the North were better.
No Description Available.
Number 46: Industries attempted to board their labor in quarters that were oftentimes very unhealthy. Labor camps were numerous.
No Description Available.
Number 48: Housing for the Negroes was a very difficult problem.
No Description Available.
Number 50: Race riots were very numerous all over the North because of the antagonism that was caused between the Negro and white workers.
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Number 52: One of the largest race riots occured in East Saint Louis.
No Description Available.
Number 54: One of the main forms of social and recreational activities in which migrants indulged occured in the church.
No Description Available.
Number 56: Among the last groups to leave the South was the Negro professional who was forced to follow his clientele to make a living.
No Description Available.
Number 58: In the North the Negro had better education facilities.
No Description Available.
Number 60: The trains were packed continually with migrants.
No Description Available.
Number 68
This abstract painting is predominately black with some wavy vertical strokes of green, pink, and white.
Number 69
The mostly pink painting also includes black, white and green parallel wavy lines.
Number 126
Black and orange painting consists of vertical wavy parallel lines and perpendicular lined texture.
Number 132
This orange and black painting consists of vertical curved, wavy, and parallel lines.
Number 133
This predominately black and orange painting consists of curved and wavy parallel lines with heavy texture.
Number 142
Mostly green painting also consists of black wavy vertical lines.
Number 149
This mostly orange painting also includes vertical, parallel wavy and curvy black lines with horizontal lined texture.
Number 154
This painting with a predominately white background contains many multi-colored curved and jagged vertical lines with heavy linear texture.
Number 155
This painting has a predominately white background and includes many multi-colored jagged lines and heavy linear texture.
Number 165
This horizontal panel has a predominately white background with many multi-colored curved and jagged lines with heavy linear texture.
Number 168
This square painting consists of a light green background and many curved multi-colored lines and heavy texture.
Number 169
This vertical painting is predominately purple and has many multi-colored curved and jagged lines with heavy linear texture.
Number 172
No Description Available.
Number Four
Painting of red, yellow, light blue, green, gray and brown abstract loosely rendered shapes at center of composition.
Number XIV
No Description Available.
Numbers 136, 142, 126, and 127
Four paintings are hung in a square grouping. Three of the panels are predominately orange and black while the upper right hand panel is a light green with black wavy vertical lines.
Numbers 143, 144 and 145
Three green panels with vertical black wavy lines are hung in a horizontal linear fashion.
Nymph and Shepherd
nymph with shepherd
Nymph and Shepherd
landscape at right
The Nymph of the Spring
No Description Available.
Nymphs Bathing
No Description Available.
Nymphs Bathing
reclining nude
[Obelisk of Theodosius]
Photograph of the base of the Obelisk of Theodosius in Istanbul, Turkey. The base is visible in the foreground surrounded by a metal fence. In the background, a park and a building are visible.
The musical instrument has a dark shiny glaze with a cartouche of flowers and gold flower and foliage embellishment around the curved edges.
No Description Available.
Odalisque Seated with Arms Raised, Green Striped Chair
The painting shows a female wearing only a transparent skirt, seated on a green and yellow striped armchair, with her arms upraised over her head. On the wall to the left of the figure is a blue/gray and gold pattern and to the right is a red and white floral pattern.
[The Odeion of Herodes Atticus]
Photograph of the Odeion of Herodes Atticus in the Acropolis of Athens, Greece. Photograph shot from above the odeion looking down toward the stage and the ruins of a stone wall. The buildings of Athens, Greece are visible in the background. The Odeion of Herodes Atticus was built in A.D. 161 to seat 6000 people.
No Description Available.
Oersted Sapphire
The cast aluminum pieces are displayed on the floor.
[Officers' Club]
Photograph of the Officers' Club in Caracas, Venezuela. A room is visible in the foreground with a window on the right side. Two sofas are visible, one on the right and one on the left of the image. Two matching lamps sit on either side of the right sofa. A flower arrangement sits atop the coffee table in the center.
Oh, That's Cold: Lamprey from Suwa in Shinano Province
A woman seated with her hands to her mouth looks out at a landscape with four men working. Her kimono is patterned with flowers and leaves. In the upper right of the piece is some Japanese text.