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Hans Jaeger
No Description Available.
Hark! The Lark
A pastoral painting of three young women.
Hat of green felt in the style of a tricorne or cocked hat. Trimmed with green silk roses, brown feathers, a brass buckle on right side and bow on back. Lined in black with central "drawstring".
Hospital Corridor at Saint-Rémy
No Description Available.
A still life of currency, stamps, and a photograph with a painted frame.
In the Opera Box Number Three
A woman seated in a box at the theater holds an opened fan.
Infant's Dress
Infant's dress of fine batiste cotton with broderie anglaise. Yoke has attached 4"ruffle of broderie anglaise with insertion lace and pink satin ribbon. Long sleeves have insertion lace cuffs and pink satin ribbon. Full length. No labels in garment.
Infant's Gown
Infant's gown of white cotton batiste. Round neckline trimmed with ruffle of broderie anglaise. Eleven horizontal bands of broderie anglaise separated with shirring down center front. Hemline trimmed with a 4" band of pin tucks, two band of broderie anglaise separated with shirring and scalloped hem of broderie anglaise. Sleeve hems trimmed with three rows of pin tucks and ruffle of broderie anglaise. Center back closure of 4 pearl buttons on rectangular panel of three vertical bands of broderie anglaise separated by two shirred sections; gathers at base of panel.
The three-stringed instrument has a small bulbous body highly decorated with patterns.
The Kiss (Le Baiser)
Bronze sculpture of a nude man and woman seated on a rock, embracing in a kiss.
Landscape from the Bretagne
A painting of the landscape from the Bretagne.
The Lighthouse at Honfleur
Oil painting depicting a lighthouse and other buildings along a shoreline.
Madame C
No Description Available.
Madame Lili Grenier
Portrait of Madame Lili Grenier, seated on a chair.
Mont Sainte-Victoire
No Description Available.
Mother of Pearl and Silver: The Andalusian
No Description Available.
La Mousmé
No Description Available.
My Gems
Still-life oil painting of items stacked on a table.
Notre Dame, Paris
The painting depicts a bridge over the River Seine and the view from behind of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.
The Old Violin
No Description Available.
The Olive Orchard
No Description Available.
The Olive Trees
Oil painting depicting green trees with blue hills in the background.
On the Cliff at Pourville, Clear Weather
Oil painting of the edge of a cliff overlooking sailboats on the water.
Ornamental Dish
This decorative dish is covered with figures, fish and waves in many colors and patterns.
Phase III Chief Blanket
No Description Available.
Poplars at Giverny, Sunrise,
Oil painting of a line of poplar trees.
Porte-en-Bessin, Entrance to the Harbor
Oil painting depicting the shoreline at Porte-en Bessin. Sailboats are visible on the water in the background.
Portrait: Caroline de Bassano, Marquise d'Espeuilles
Painting entitled Portrait: Caroline de Bassano, Marquise d'Espeuilles.
Portrait in White
Seated portrait of a young woman wearing a white dress.
Portrait of Joergen Soerensen
No Description Available.
Portrait of Joseph Roulin
Oil painting of Joseph Roulin, visible from the chest up. He is wearing a blue jacket with gold buttons and a matching hat with the word "Postes" across the front. The background is green with light-colored flowers.
Professor Henri Cordier
Detail of head, hands, manuscript, and brushwork of painting depicting Professor Henri Cordier (1849-1929).
Professor Henri Cordier
Total view of painting depicting Professor Henri Cordier (1849-1929).
Pair of plum purple satin pumps. The shoes are designed with a rounded toe, and plain uppers. The low heel is of a modified Louis or Cuban style, set in, and covered with matching fabric. Partly lined in white kidskin leather.
Handbag with cast and chased silver frame decorated with openwork figures of children harvesting grapes. Ball/snap closure. Silver suspension chain of alternating oval links and links formed of three flower-heads. Bag is oval shaped, black wool with petite point embroidery decoration on each side of a bouquet of trumpet shaped flowers. Pink satin lining. Hallmarked "800" on frame.
Queen Victoria Statue at Windsor Castle
The over life-size statue of Queen Victoria stands outside the Round Tower at Windsor Castle.
Queen Victoria Statue at Windsor Castle
The statue of Queen Victoria is seen with Windsor Castle in the background.
The rattle's body has a bird-like face carved in low relief on one side.
The body of the rattle has a carved face in low relief.
Reticule. Drawstring handbag/purse of black knit with openwork band along top through which drawstring is threaded. Running around center of bag are three horizontal bands of blue beads bordered by silver/gold lined beads. Lower part of the bag is completely covered by horizontal bands of silver/gold lined beads and blue beads. Bottom of bag with large sphere covered with blue beads from which hangs tassel of silver/gold lined bead loops. Unlined. Has been dated 1880-1890 or ca. 1916.
The Royal Arms Jubilant
Queen Victoria, a lion picking his teeth, a unicorn, coat of arms, champagne, flags, meat on a platter, seascape, boats in the distance are all pictured in this satirical cartoon from the weekly magazine, St. Stephen's Review.
Sailboats at Argenteuil
Painting depicting sailboats at Argenteuil.
The Sanctuary of Hercules
No Description Available.
Seascape at Port-en-Bessin, Normandy
Oil painting depicting the cliff along a shoreline and the ocean in the background.
No Description Available.
Self Portrait
Total view of a self portrait of artist Gustave Caillebotte.
Self Portrait
Detail view of head and brushwork of self portrait of Gustave Caillebotte.
Self Portrait (Head)
No Description Available.
Skeleton Studying Chinoiseries
skeleton in chair
Skeleton Studying Chinoiseries
No Description Available.