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Bottle, curved handle and nozzle.

Description: It is a bottle which is made up of ceramics.It comes under the art of pottery and is used for the decoration purpose.Bottle is of golden color and it is narrow from upper side and wider from downside.It has a curved handle which is used to hold the bottle and a nozzle to pour out liquid from the bottle which is in the shape of a small pipe.It's surface is somewhat glittery and there is a open mouth at the top of it to pour something in it.
Date: 1860


Description: It is a vase which is made up of ceramics.It comes in the art of pottery which is used for the decorative purpose.the design of the vase is that it is divided into two parts first part is the bottom one which is supporting the whole vase it is of yellow color mainly and in the middle of it has a shape and carving making it look like a teeth.Above to it is a wide circle which is going upwards and moulded towards outside from the top.There are various kinds of colors used in it green,blue pink etc and various design are made using it including flowers and leaves.
Date: 1850

Cake dish

Description: It is a plate which is made up of ceramics.It comes in the art of pottery which is used for the decorative purpose.The plate used is of green color and it's surface is shiny and glittery. There is a design on the plate having a flower with pink,yellow and green and a petal with is dettached to it on one corner of the plate.
Date: 1850

Chess board

Description: It is a ceramic board which is having a horizontal and vertical lines on it.Lines are somewhat distorted and even there are many black spots on it.This whole board is supported by the wheels which are attached to it on the downward side which is helpful and handy for the palyers to carry it from one place to another without carrying it and by just dragging it can be moved from its place.wheels are of red color and there are some molding design of black and yellow color are made on them.
Date: 1650