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[Log shed]

Description: Photograph of a log shed in Jämshög, Sweden. The shed facade is visible in the foreground. A low wooden door is open in the center of the shed. The shed has a grass roof which is partially visible in the top foreground.
Date: June 8, 1960
Creator: Gough, Ray

[Loggia dei Lanzi]

Description: Photograph of the Loggia dei Lanzi in Florence, Italy. In the foreground, one archway of the loggia is visible with two statues underneath the archway silhouetted by the light from the piazza. The Piazza della Signoria is visible in the background with surrounding buildings.
Date: 1953
Creator: Gough, Ray

London Pride

Description: The outdoor sculpture depicts two nude seated women facing each other with a bowl between them.
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Date: unknown
Creator: Dobson, Frank

[London Underground]

Description: Photograph of the London Underground in London, England. In the foreground, people are visible on the platform. A passing train is visible behind them. The underground is dark in the background.
Date: 1965
Creator: Gough, Ray

[Longmen Caves]

Description: Photograph of the Longmen Caves in Luoyang, China. A figure is carved out of the stone in the center of the frame. A large stone flower is carved into the rock surface of the ceiling.
Date: 1984
Creator: Gough, Ray

[Longmen Caves]

Description: Photograph of a stone carving in the Longmen Caves of Luoyang, China. There is a niche cut into the stone facade. Within that niche, a large stone figure is visible. The heads of three people are visible in the bottom of the frame.
Date: 1984
Creator: Gough, Ray

Looking: Geisha

Description: A seated woman in front of a window holds a handkerchief and an open book is at her left elbow on the table.
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Date: 1905
Creator: Nakazawa Hiromitsu

[Lotus pond]

Description: Photograph of a lotus pond in the Heian Shrine Garden in Kyoto, Japan. The pond is visible in the foreground. Tree branches are reflected in the bottom foreground.
Date: 1978
Creator: Gough, Ray

Lotus shoes

Description: Pair of lotus shoes for bound feet. Tiny heeled shoes of dark navy silk, the uppers with multicolored floral embroidery at top and sides, and cloud-form patterns of couched gold thread around heels. Edged at top with blue silk ribbon. The shaped heels are of white leather.
Date: 1890/1920

[Louis XIV Statue]

Description: Photograph of the statue of Louis XIV at the Palace of Versailles in Versailles, France. The figure of Louis is visible in profile sitting atop a horse. A wing of the palace is visible behind the statue.
Date: unknown
Creator: Gough, Ray

Louisiana Serenade

Description: A woman seated on a bench appears to listen to two musicians. The work is colorful and loose.
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Date: 1979
Creator: Bearden, Romare Howard

Lounging Dress

Description: Lounging dress of coral and black nylon knit with purple and white floral pattern. Full-length, with slightly over-long sleeves with elastic at cuffs to create "blousing" effect. V-shaped neckline, and wide, "ribbed" elastic waistband. Center back closure of self-covered button and loop. Unlined. Designer's label at back neckline: "Hanae Mori / Tokyo New York" Fabric has "Hanae Mori" signature in print of fabric. Content/care/size label at back neckline. Content/care label in Japanese at left side seam near hem. With thin cord tie-belt of matching fabric.
Date: 1977/1985
Creator: Mori, Hanae

Lounging Pajamas

Description: Lounging Pantsuit/Pajamas ensemble of pink/orange, pink, black and white floral print satin consisting of: A) Tunic-style top with deep V-neck. Waist-to-hip length, with modified kimono style full-length sleeves with no upper seam. Unlined. Designer's label at inside back neckline: "Halston", with faint handwritten note "DUNN" B) Pants to match. Full-length, with elastic waistband and center front zipper with hook & bar on waistband. On left inside leg seam: "Professionally / Dry Clean only"
Date: 1970
Creator: Halston

Lounging Pajamas

Description: Lounging pajamas outfit of mint green velvet consisting of: A) Blouse with rounded neckline with center front "keyhole" slit which fastens at neckline with gold braid cord. Long sleeves with gathered, elastic cuffs. Neckline and lower hem edged with green and gold braid, with side slits at sides at hem forming rounded corners. Designer's label: "Oscar de la Renta / At Home" Size label: "6" Union label B) Pants of matching fabric, full-length, with wide legs and slightly flaring cuffs. C) Tie belt of braided green and gold cord.
Date: 1965/1969
Creator: de la Renta, Oscar