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King of Atlantis

Description: The sculpture depicts two cattle or bison type animals with a seated human figure between them. The figure appears to be seated in front of and wearing a pyramidal shaped head piece.
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Date: 1919/1922
Creator: Jónsson, Einar

[King's College Chapel Interior]

Description: Photograph of the interior of the King's College Chapel in Cambridge, England. On the right side, large stained-glass windows arch upwards toward the carved stone ceiling. To the left of the windows, the dark silhouette of the organ is visible.
Date: September 1970
Creator: Gough, Ray

Kipper Tie

Description: Wide kipper tie of large stylized paisley designs in yellows and gold on a blue field. Blue is somewhat faded from the original shade. The tie has a tag on reverse marked "Brent" and with the logo for Montgomery Ward. The creation of the kipper tie, a form of extra-wide necktie known for bright colors and patterns, is credited to British designer Michael Fish. He brought out the earliest ones in the 1960's. This example was a gift to the donor by his maternal grandmother, Mary Kathleen King Miller (1898-1969).
Date: 1966
Creator: Brent