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The City

Description: No Description Available.
Date: 1919
Creator: Léger, Fernand
Item Type: Artwork

The City of Paris

Description: Bright colors and flat planes of color create a swirling motion with a depiction of the Eiffel Tower and three nude figures.
Date: 1912/1913
Creator: Delaunay, Robert, 1885-1941
Item Type: Artwork

Desk Lamp

Description: The view of the lamp is from above and the design embossed into the shade is visible.
Date: 1910~
Creator: Tiffany Studios

Domestic Interior, Wissant

Description: A young woman appears to be sewing or folding laundry in a small room with a baby crib and possibly a laundry machine in the background. A window beside the young woman is multi-paned and admits the only light in the room. The strokes of pastel are loose and mostly black and blue.
Date: 1913
Creator: Lhermitte, Léon-Augustin
Item Type: Artwork

Factory and the Bridge

Description: Painting of brown, blue, red, black, gray and yellow rapid linear strokes that form various layered rectangular and semi-dome shapes.
Date: 1913~
Creator: Rozanova, Ol'ga
Item Type: Artwork


Description: No Description Available.
Date: 1915~
Creator: Nolde, Emil
Item Type: Artwork

The Forest

Description: No Description Available.
Date: 1913
Creator: Goncharova, Natalia
Item Type: Artwork