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A woman looking out to sea inside a heart shape is the focal point of this postcard.
Sojo Henjo and Ono no Komachi
The vertically oriented postcard depicts a seated man and woman who is covering her mouth with her kimono.
Soldier in a Parody of Benkei
This vertically oriented postcard depicts a soldier shoveling. Weapons and tools are on his back and his facial expression is fierce and angry. The ground of the card is a tan with no background setting indicated.
Postcard used in the Polish Solidarity movement during the 1980s depicting a cracked egg inside a broken, red basket.
Spring Festival at the Onsen
A formal celebration is depicted in pink, gold, gray and black. The ground of the postcard is blue gray. Some Japanese text is in an inset on the monument. The scene is at an angle on the card and the picture is partially visible as well.
Stained Glass Design of Torii Gate in a Compendium of Birds from the New Year's Edition of Jitsugyo Shonen
The vertically oriented postcard depicts in a stained-glass style a rooster seated atop a gate with a stylized sun in the background.
The vertically oriented postcard includes a huddle of three people in the lower right and the space allotted for a message has been used. A short holiday greeting and address change are the content of the message written in ink on the postcard.
Tokiwa Gozen
The vertically oriented postcard features a group of three people in the lower right corner and an area free of illustration for writing.
Two Women Enjoying a Summer Evening
Two women wearing soft head coverings are looking to their right while a small cage hangs behind their right shoulders. The wind appears to be blowing and the woman in the foreground holds a decorated fan.
Wesołych Świąt. Niech przemówią wreszcie ludzkim głosem!
Poster used in the Polish Solidarity movement during the 1980s depicts a Christmas message, in Polish, across the top portion. A yellow star floats in the dark blue ground. Beneath are two figures, one resembles a donkey wearing sunglasses and the other a elephant or a man with huge ears. The two figures appear to be behind a trough, in red.
The West: Sparrows in the Park in Paris
A woman and two young boys watch the small birds on the ground in front of them. The tones of the postcard are brown with some green and blue muted tones included. The brush strokes are washy and loose.
Women Reading a Book
The vertically oriented postcard depicts, in the upper one-third, two women reading from a single book. The background of the postcard is an olive green and Japanese text has been written in black ink on the postcard.