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Corn Husk Doll

Description: The doll's dress has been dyed red and she is holding a baby also made of corn husk. The faces are drawn.
Date: 1880~

The Flower Sellers

Description: Two women in ruffled gowns are at the center of the action next to a donkey carrying the flower seller's baskets. General merrymaking takes place behind and beside the women. A couple at the right side of the painting are seated and appear to be chatting.
Date: 1883
Creator: Marchetti, Ludovico
Item Type: Artwork

Girl in a Boat with Geese

Description: Landscape painting of several geese at the edge of a pond where a girl is visible in a boat.
Date: 1889~
Creator: Morisot, Berthe
Item Type: Artwork


Description: A still life of currency, stamps, and a photograph with a painted frame.
Date: 1887
Creator: Haberle, John
Item Type: Artwork


Description: The three-stringed instrument has a small bulbous body highly decorated with patterns.
Date: 1880~

The Kiss (Le Baiser)

Description: Bronze sculpture of a nude man and woman seated on a rock, embracing in a kiss.
Date: 1880~/1887~
Creator: Rodin, Auguste
Item Type: Artwork

Madame C

Description: No Description Available.
Date: 1880~
Creator: CARRIERE, Eugene
Item Type: Artwork

Madame Lili Grenier

Description: Portrait of Madame Lili Grenier, seated on a chair.
Date: 1888
Creator: Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de, 1864-1901
Item Type: Artwork