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Music Carpet

Description: The carpet is composed of gold and blue colors. At either end are women holding musical instruments.
Date: 1685/1697~

Music Power / Melodie

Description: The sculpture is created from bronze pieces shaped like parts of violins and other similar instruments. They are stacked and piled one upon another to create a vertical sculpture.
Date: 1985

Musical Squash

Description: The painting is an abstract of a cut open acorn squash in hues of green and gold against a brown background with a black, musical staff and two clef symbols in the upper right of the canvas. The lower right has abstract shapes in red, green, blue, and brown.
Date: 1942
Creator: Morgan, Maud
Item Type: Artwork


Description: A Cubist portrait of a musician.
Date: 1917/1918
Creator: Braque, Georges
Item Type: Artwork


Description: A tall, thin musician is seen in profile playing a stringed instrument like a lyre. The foreground musician as well as the ones in the background are in a flat orange. The foreground musician's hair is a dark color and the space around the figure is yellow.
Date: unknown
Creator: Klimt, Gustav
Item Type: Artwork

My Gems

Description: Still-life oil painting of items stacked on a table.
Date: 1888
Creator: Harnett, William Michael
Item Type: Artwork

My Mother, Evening with a View of Ys

Description: Landscape with hills and water is depicted in a vertical composition with silhouette of city skyline in the distance. The pastel artwork is built of layers of yellows, pinks, blues and light greens in an impressionistic style.
Date: unknown
Creator: Lévy-Dhurmer, Lucien
Item Type: Artwork

My Parents at Coney Island

Description: This watercolor painting on paper depicts two people, parents, standing at a food stand at Coney Island.
Date: 1990
Creator: Ferguson, Max, 1959-
Item Type: Artwork

My Second Sermon

Description: A young girl asleep in a church pew, wearing a red cape, hands in a fur muff, and feet dangling is depicted in this painting.
Date: 1864
Creator: Millais, John Everett
Item Type: Artwork

National Capitol Building

Description: The main view of the capitol building shows its dome and two corners of the building. In the foreground there is a cyclist on the street.
Date: 1929
Location Info:

National Gallery of Canada

Description: A close view of the glass tower reveals the white triangular panels inside. Vertical concrete buttresses are clearly seen and the glass wall continues upward to create the glass tower on the corner of the museum.
Date: 1983/1988
Creator: Safdie, Moshe
Location Info: