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Muscular Paper

Description: Painting of black, green, peach, red, blue, brown, dark gray and white shapes and forms. Two dark gray figures and two blue human heads at the center of the plane. Green and brown overlapping imagery on the far right panel.
Date: 1985
Creator: Salle, David

Musical Squash

Description: The painting is an abstract of a cut open acorn squash in hues of green and gold against a brown background with a black, musical staff and two clef symbols in the upper right of the canvas. The lower right has abstract shapes in red, green, blue, and brown.
Date: 1942
Creator: Morgan, Maud


Description: A tall, thin musician is seen in profile playing a stringed instrument like a lyre. The foreground musician as well as the ones in the background are in a flat orange. The foreground musician's hair is a dark color and the space around the figure is yellow.
Date: unknown
Creator: Klimt, Gustav