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Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut
Closer aerial view of the Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut from SE of temple in setting. From the New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty.
No Description Available.
No Description Available.
Mosque-Madrasa of Sultan Hassan
No Description Available.
Mosque of Córdoba
Interior of the Mosque of Córdoba with some of the 36 piers and 514 columns. From the Islamic Architecture Period.
Mosque of Córdoba
View of the arabesque above portal of the Mosque of Córdoba. From the Islamic Architecture Period. ó
Mother and Child
No Description Available.
Mother and Child
Painting of blue, green, peach and black oil paint which depicts a female figure who appears to be holding a small child above her.
Mother and Child
No Description Available.
Mother and Daughter
No Description Available.
Mother and Daughter
mother and daughter
Mother and Daughter
close-up detail of the mother
Mother of Pearl and Silver: The Andalusian
No Description Available.
Motherly Love
A woman holds a young female child on her lap and another young female child to the side holds a doll. The setting is an interior domestic scene and next to the seated woman is a knitting basket.
Mount Parnassus and the Gods
1 of 7 in a series of paintings belonging to Isabella d'Este in Palace of Mantua
Mount Vernon
A painting of Mount Vernon and its surrounding landscape.
Mountain, Table, Anchors, Navel
No Description Available.
Mountains at Collioure
No Description Available.
La Mousmé
No Description Available.
Movement: Sky and Grey Sea
No Description Available.
Movie Theatre Nocturne
This watercolor painting on paper depicts a cashier in his booth at the movie theater.
People outside a movie theater in the evening are depicted in this oil painting on canvas.
Mr. Baylor
No Description Available.
Mr. Softee
An ice cream vendor truck sits parallel with an apartment building in the background in this oil painting.
Mrs. Asa Benjamin
Portrait of Mrs. Asa Benjamin, visible from the waist up. She is wearing a pink dress with a white shawl draped around her chest.
Mrs. John Lothrop
Portrait of Mrs. John Lothrop, pictured from the waist up. She is wearing a yellow dress with white accents, and has flowers in her hair. She is holding a rose and a fan in her hands and more flowers are visible in the background.
Mrs Paul Smith Palmer and Her Twins
Seated portrait of a woman and her infant twins.
Ms 327 (2) folio 214v, Stonemasons
Stonemasons exhibit their techniques to each other.
Ms 327 folio 201v, A Surveyor with His Workers
A surveyor and his workers are depicted in this illuminated manuscript folio.
Ms 327 folio 226v, Demarcation of Land
Two men are depicted marking off a piece of land.
Ms 327 folio 28r, Surveying and Demarcation of Land
Surveyors are depicted demarcating land.
Mummy Portrait of a Young Man
A painting depicting the portrait of a young man from the early Christian period.
Mundus Est Fabula,
No Description Available.
Mural from the Fouquet Jewellers in Paris
The interior of the jewelry store consisted of decorative wood and bronze details including a large peacock that hung over the main jewelry cabinet.
No Description Available.
Muscular Paper
Painting of black, green, peach, red, blue, brown, dark gray and white shapes and forms. Two dark gray figures and two blue human heads at the center of the plane. Green and brown overlapping imagery on the far right panel.
Museum of Colonial Architecture
The western exterior facade of the Museo de Arquitectura Colonial in Trinidad, Cuba is visible in a raking view.
Museum of Colonial Architecture
A raking south side view of the exterior facade is shown of the Museo de Arquitectura Colonial in Trinidad, Cuba. The building is one story, white with tiled roof and a colonnade.
Museum of Colonial Architecture
The view of the Museo Arquitecture Colonial in Trinidad, Cuba, shows the porch and its slim columns with stylized Ionic capitals.
Museum of Colonial Architecture
The view of the Museo de Arquitectura Colonial in Trinidad, Cuba, is a close-up of the window grille which is a later addition.
Museum of Colonial Architecture
The view is of the main facade's entrance with a basket archway.
Music Carpet
The carpet is composed of gold and blue colors. At either end are women holding musical instruments.
Music Power / Melodie
The sculpture is created from bronze pieces shaped like parts of violins and other similar instruments. They are stacked and piled one upon another to create a vertical sculpture.
Music Stand and Mantel Clock Once Belonging to Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
The music stand and mantel clock once belonged to Beethoven and are of simple and utilitarian design.
Musical Glasses (Armonica)
The musical instrument resembles a piece of furniture with an opening in which the glass is housed.
Musical Instruments
A still life painting of instruments and sheet music.
Musical Squash
The painting is an abstract of a cut open acorn squash in hues of green and gold against a brown background with a black, musical staff and two clef symbols in the upper right of the canvas. The lower right has abstract shapes in red, green, blue, and brown.
A Cubist portrait of a musician.
A tall, thin musician is seen in profile playing a stringed instrument like a lyre. The foreground musician as well as the ones in the background are in a flat orange. The foreground musician's hair is a dark color and the space around the figure is yellow.
My Gems
Still-life oil painting of items stacked on a table.