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Description: No Description Available.
Date: 1284/1296
Creator: PISANO, Giovanni
Item Type: Artwork

Mosque of Córdoba

Description: Interior of the Mosque of Córdoba with some of the 36 piers and 514 columns. From the Islamic Architecture Period.
Date: 0701/1000

Mother and Child

Description: Painting of blue, green, peach and black oil paint which depicts a female figure who appears to be holding a small child above her.
Date: 1938~
Creator: Rattner, Abraham
Item Type: Artwork

Motherly Love

Description: A woman holds a young female child on her lap and another young female child to the side holds a doll. The setting is an interior domestic scene and next to the seated woman is a knitting basket.
Date: 1850/1893~
Creator: Jonghe, Gustave Léonard de
Item Type: Artwork

Mount Vernon

Description: A painting of Mount Vernon and its surrounding landscape.
Date: 1806
Creator: Ropes, George
Item Type: Photograph

Movie Theatre Nocturne

Description: This watercolor painting on paper depicts a cashier in his booth at the movie theater.
Date: 1998
Creator: Ferguson, Max, 1959-
Item Type: Artwork


Description: People outside a movie theater in the evening are depicted in this oil painting on canvas.
Date: 1913
Creator: Sloan, John, 1871-1951
Item Type: Artwork

Mr. Softee

Description: No Description Available.
Date: 1984
Creator: Ferguson, Max, 1959-
Item Type: Artwork