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Medusa's Head

Description: Large sculptural sphere made of plywood, steel, cement, rocks, and model railroad tracks suspended from ceiling.
Date: 1989/1992
Creator: Burden, Chris, 1946-
Item Type: Artwork

Memorial II

Description: Painting of white, beige and black near abstract circle and oval shapes scattered throughout.
Date: 1994~
Creator: Bleckner, Ross
Item Type: Artwork

The Menaced Assassin

Description: The painting portrays a nude woman laying on a bed in a room; a man wearing a suit, holding a club and standing on the left side just outside the room; a man in a suit holding a net standing on the right side just outside the room; a man in a suit standing in front of and to the right of the woman next to a victrola, a suitcase and a chair with an overcoat and hat; and three men looking through a window or doorway from outside into the room with mountains in the background.
Date: 1928
Creator: Magritte, René, 1898-1967
Item Type: Artwork


Description: This view shows a detail of the nude standing male figure. He wears a loose hat with his head turned. His arms reach out. The bronze is roughly textured.
Date: -499/-400
Item Type: Artwork


Description: The full body sculpture depicts a nude man reaching with his right arm, one knee bent and legs spread in a wide stance. His left arm is bent at the elbow.
Date: -0499/-0400
Item Type: Artwork


Description: Mixed Media painting of red, blue and black motif of numerous faces throughout brown and black leopard printed fabric surface.
Date: 1972~
Creator: Polke, Sigmar
Item Type: Artwork

Metallic Tractors

Description: The caption underneath the illustration of a man succumbing to the chicanery of a quack doctor says Metallic-Tractors.
Date: unknown
Creator: Gillray, James
Item Type: Artwork

Metepec Tree of Life

Description: The decorative object holds seven candles and is covered with many figures, leaves, flowers and animals in various colors on a red ground.
Date: 1900/1999~