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The Molo Waterfront Development
keywords: waterfront development ; View fr. Ponte della Paglia of Piazzetta and Santa Maria delle Salute
[Musical performance]
Photograph of a musical performance in the International Conference Hall in Kyoto, Japan. In the foreground, five musicians in traditional costumes perform.
[Nakagyo-ku district shop]
Photograph of a shop in the Nakagyo-ku district of Kyoto, Japan. A detail of the shop facade is visible in the foreground. A door is visible in the lower foreground. A sign is visible under the roof. The wall of the shop is decorated with driftwood and plants.
Napalm Elegy TA 3
No Description Available.
[National Monument]
Photograph of the National Monument in Ireland. The heads of two people are visible in the bottom foreground. The people stand in front of the monument entrance. The entrance is formed out of a stone wall with the monument plaque on the right side. Two other people are visible within the structure visible through the entrance.
Necklace - Rabari Festival Attire
Necklace. "Bib" style necklace with 4-strand black yarn necklace with silver slide at back. Front bib of silver beads mounted in vertical bands into a "fan" form, from which hang a fringe of 11 polished cowrie(?) shells, with a further fringe of pendant chains and spheres hanging from each shell.
Necklace - Turkmenistan Festival Outfit
Necklace. Green cloth necklace, edged with black cloth tape and embellished with spaced stamped silver roundels. Button/buttonhole clasp. The necklace supports a massive silver pendant formed as a large triangle set with oval red glass cabochons, between two silver "club" shapes. Below the triangle and clubs is a horizontal silver square tube set with oval red cabochons, below which are four large inverted stylized "fleur-dis-lys" forms, set with oval cabochons. From all lower parts hang long chains and large bells.
Necklace - Turkmenistan Festival Outfit
Necklace. Bead necklace of red and blue glass(?) beads strung on white cord. From necklace, via 3 large loops, is suspended a large horizontal silver-colored tube, with bands of flattened/soldered wire decoration. From lower edge of tube hang pendants of flat silver shapes, some small rectangular, some larger "bird shaped", each set with a red or green stone. From these pendants hand further chains and oval plaques. Tube opens at one end, is empty.
Necklace - Uzbekistan - Surxondaryo Province - Boysun Peoples Festival Outfit
Necklace of openwork beading. Wide straps with diamond shapes of yellow/orange with inner sections of blues and yellows against grounds of green, red, blue, and orange. Large central section formed as a white beaded diamond shape containing concentric diamonds of green and red. Blue beaded fringe at bottom ending in red and white "flowerheads"
Necklace - Uzbekistan - Surxondaryo Province - Boysun Peoples Festival Outfit
Bead Necklace. "Bib" style, with wide main portion of latticed clear beads overlaid with a field of shell/mother of pearl buttons. Vertical strands of beads along top, attaching to choker band with button clasp. The bib has a lower band of white, black, etc. openwork beading, then strands of beaded fringe in clear, green, yellow, blue, black, red, etc.
Necklace - Uzbekistan - Surxondaryo Province - Boysun Peoples Festival Outfit
Bead Necklace. "choker" style bead necklace composed of sections of orange and black horizontal strands interspersed with diamond-shaped motifs of white, orange, green, yellow, and reddish brown. Below the main section is a "fringe, consisting of white beads forming a narrow net, then bands of red and orange, then fringe of blue, yellow, black, white, red, green, and ending in shells, glass beads, etc. Large circular button clasp.
Neiman Marcus Cap
Cap of blue felt. Designed as a modified baseball cap, the domed felt crown has a semi-circular visor at front. On front side of crown is top-stitched decoration in white yarn of outlines enclosing "N" and "M". Hat is unlined, with inner blue grosgrain ribbon hatband. Retailer's tag: "Made in England expressly for / Neiman-Marcus" With sticker: "100% Wool" With original "Sample" tag labeled "C407"
[Old City Wall]
Photograph of an old city wall in Ireland. A new wall in the foreground abuts the old wall. The old wall contains stonework ornamentation in the form a castle. There is an archway below the castle. More modern buildings are visible in the background through the arch.
Painting of medium blue polymer paint on square canvas. Reflective gradated hue throughout surface.
Onyx Table
No Description Available.
Orange Bound
Narrower bands of color lie inside wider bands that create a vertical rectangular pattern. The colors, from the outside edge, are muted orange, light blue, pink, light orange, emanating from the center create depth.
D'Orsay Pumps
D'Orsay pumps of light brown camel colored leather. Designed with slightly pointed toes and rounded vamp, the leather uppers of the toebox are embellished with thin bands of pierced circular dots around vamp and in a chevron shape extending from either side of toe to a point near vamp. Cut-away sides showing thin platform covered in same leather. Upper heel of same leather, with curved edges, and thin ankle strap of same leather, with small gilt buckle on outside edge. High, elongated continental stacked heel of dark brown wood layered in horizontal bands, the shape similar to a spike or stiletto. Lined with black leather. Designer's stamp on lining: "Charles Jourdan / Paris / Made in France" Handwritten inside: "B 3565[illeg] MA U"
D'Orsay Pumps
Pair of D'Orsay pumps of pink leather. The shoes are designed as modified open-toe D'Orsay pumps, with cut-away sides. Across instep are three wide leather bands; sides of shoe are cut away on a curve which comes up and creates the back of the shoe. The high heel is covered with the same leather, and tapers slightly to base. Designer's label: "design by / Evins" Retailer's label: "Neiman Marcus" Handwritten inside: "7 1/2 B Zelda / 1224-612 / 507 641"
The painting, mostly monochromatic, depicts a portrait of Orson Welles in the top two-thirds of the canvas. Along the bottom edge, also in monochromatic tones, are men depicted in combat with automatic weapons. At the right edge, the face of a superhero is depicted in pink, blue, red and yellow. Running vertically in the left hand portion of the canvas is a depiction of lined notebook paper with a small pencil sketch of a landing craft or space ship.
OSTENDE/on the beach or in the dunes/a cube shaped house/therein/the Samurai Sword is a Blutwurst/PLINTH
Installation artwork consists of several pieces of rolled felt, dried meat, and a display case.
Photograph of a pagoda in the Chinzan-so Garden in Tokyo, Japan. The pagoda facade is visible in the foreground. Tree branches intersect the top of the image. Trees are visible in the background.
Photograph of a pagoda in the Chinzan-so Garden in Tokyo, Japan. The pagoda is visible in the background at the end of a grass lawn. Trees are visible behind the pagoda.
Photograph of a pagoda in the Yakushiji Temple Complex of Nara, Japan. The pagoda is visible in the foreground with a large tree planted directly in front. Other trees are visible behind the pagoda.
[Pagoda roof]
Photograph of a pagoda roof in the Chinzan-so Garden in Tokyo, Japan. The roof line is comprised of wooden beams which fill the foreground.
Painted Magazine Triptych
The triptych depicts events and people from the early to mid 1970s such as a battlefield in the Vietnam War, Black Panthers and Patty Hearst being escorted to trial by a federal marshall.
Painted Magazine Triptych
This is the center panel from a triptych.
Painted Sports Magazine
This painting depicts a 1976 Sports Illustrated magazine cover featuring Steve Spurrier, a San Francisco 49ers football player. The painting depicts the cover as though the corner has been torn away and some extraneous expressionistic paint marks overlay the realistic portrayal of the football player.
[Painting bowls]
Photograph of the Kiyomizu Pottery Community in Kyoto, Japan. In the foreground, two women sit at tables glazing bowls. A row of people watches in the left foreground. Shelves full of finished bowls are visible in the background.
[Palm trees and fields]
Photograph of the view from a train in Tokyo, Japan. Fields and trees are visible. Three palm trees are visible between fields in the middle ground.
Panorama of Florence from above Loggia dei Lanzi
keywords: panorama ; View N of Piazza della Signoria and Duomo
Panorama of Venice
keywords: panorama, plaza
Panorama of Venice from the Campanile
keywords: panorama, plaza
Panorama of Venice from the Campanile
keywords: panorama, plaza
Panorama of Venice from the Campanile
keywords: panorama, plaza
Panorama of Venice from the Campanile
keywords: panorama
Pants Ensemble
Pants ensemble. A) Jacket in box style of gray and cream plaid mohair. Short jacket with long, set-in sleeves and shawl collar. Two patch pockets at breasts. Center front opening with four large circular gray pearl plastic buttons and bound buttonholes. Fully lined with gray polyester(?). Designer's label inside below back collar: "Normal Norell / New York" Model number tags, handwritten on ribbon, 2 of them, stitched above and below designer's label: "Deborah / 818" Another sample tag sewn to outside of coat under left arm: "#53 / Debrah" B) Blouse of cream jersey knit. Long sleeves and high, mock turtleneck. Zipper closure at back, almost full length, with hook-and-eye closure at top. Neck lined in cream silk. Hemline is unfinished. Sewn inside at collar is hand-written style tag: "Deborah / 818" Sewn to outside of front, at hem, are style tag, handwritten on ribbon: "Deborah", with small sample of gray knit sewn just below. C) Pants in harlow style of heather gray wool knit. Full-length; wide legs. Wide,2-2/2" waistband; two slit pockets at side seams. Center back zipper with hook & eye at top of waistband. Lined in gray silk; only attached by single threads at legs. Sewn inside waistband is cloth tape with hand-written style tag: "Deborah / 818", and attached just above tag is a small sample of the fabric of the blouse.
Piazza San Marco
keywords: plaza ; Overall view NW from the terrace of the Duomo
Picture Hat
Picture hat of multicolored printed silk. The low, cylindrical crown is flattened at top, and is encircled by the wide, flat brim. The hat is covered in silk printed with a floral print of purple, pink, white, blue, olive, and green on black ground. The underside of the brim is lined in the same fabric, while the crown is lined in black fabric, with a black grosgrain ribbon hatband. Designer's label inside: "Givenchy / Paris"; "Made in / France"
Pillbox Hat
Pillbox hat of black jersey. The cylindrical crown has a flat, slightly recessed top, and bands of black silk ribbon decoration applied horizontally around sides. Upper and lower bands are of plain layered ribbon forming slightly molded bands, while central band is of twisted/folded/worked ribbon creating a dimensional braided pattern. Hat is lined in black satin, with inner black grosgrain ribbon hatband and a single small faux turtle shell comb to help secure it to wearer's head. Designer's label: "Givenchy / Paris" "Made in / France"
[Plant store]
Photograph of a plant store in Tokyo, Japan. In the foreground, various plants are arranged on the street and on shelves. A large row of bikes is visible in the background in front of a row of shops.
Platform Lace-Up Sandals
Pair of platform sandals. Silver leather covered black plastic(?) sole with silver metal lace and cords. 4" spike set-back heel. Marked in relief on sole of each shoe: "Made in France". Anonymous gift to the Texas Fashion Collection.
Platform Pumps
Pair of platform pumps of orange/brown suede. The toebox, and entire upper of the shoes are of orange/brown suede, with a tongue attached at each side to the rest of the toebox by a band of elastic. The toebox rests on a thick platform covered with the same suede. The thick, chunky heel is also covered with the same suede. Stamped in gold inside shoe: "Back Street"
Platform Pumps
Pair of platform pumps of yellow leather. Designed with a squared toe, the uppers, platform, and heel are all covered in yellow leather. The high heel tapers slightly to base. Retailer's/Brand label: "Neiman-Marcus / Nonesuch" Handwritten inside: (partly illegible) "H?? AA / 7?? 12030 1 73 / ?? 77 712"
Platform Sandals
Pair of platform sandals. Shoes have gold kid leather upper, the vamp knotted. Black patent leather covered soles and heels. 4 1/4" high block-style set-back heel. Written on inside of back strap on each shoe: "5 1/2 B 342440". Stamped on each shoe: "Charles Jourdan / Paris"
Portable Printing Calculator
The calculating machine is yellow, sleek and modern. The numbers are printed in white.
[Pot storage]
Photograph of a pot storage area in Shigaraki, Japan. A stairway intersects the right foreground in front of rows of stacked pots. Pots of different sizes fill the storeroom.
[Pottery Wheel]
Photograph of a man working on a pottery wheel in Shigaraki, Japan. In the foreground, a man wearing a dirty white shirt and head wrap is visible working on a bowl on a pottery wheel. The windows of the workshop are visible in the background.
[Pottery workshop]
Photograph of the Kiyomizu Pottery Community in Kyoto, Japan. A small workshop is visible in the foreground. Three workers sit and paint bowls while others walk around and observe. Rows of bowls and dishes line the back wall.
The Preacher
Black and white lithograph is abstract.
Pair of cream pumps. Designed with rounded toe, the shoes are of a cream mesh with embroidered with floral motifs, giving a lace effect. The high heel is covered in cream satin, and tapers to base. Stamped inside: "Arsho for / Shoe Biz" Stamped on soles: "Leather / Leder / Cuir / Made in Spain" and "7 1/2 B"