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Lillian Disney Memorial Fountain
The close view of the sculpture shows the individual pieces of Delft china shards as well as the inscription, "A rose for Lilly. Frank Gehry's tribute to Lillian Disney. A gift of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren."
The Magdalene
"The Magdalene" Robe of red and black mixed fabrics and appliqué trims. Long, straight sleeves and notched collar. The diamond-shaped center back panel is of mixed cotton patchwork, and includes images of a planet, an abstracted female figure, and snakes, set in an evening landscape.
Maggie's Center, Ninewells NHS Hospital
The exterior facade of the center is white and sits on the grounds of the Ninewells Hospital.
Maggie's Center, Ninewells NHS Hospital
The facade, south elevation, with triple pitched roof and entrance is visible.
Maggie's Center, Ninewells NHS Hospital
The tower of the building is shown with its windows.
MAMAC, Bird Head/Eagle Totem Series
The totem shaped sculpture includes a large bird, a bright yellow mask and a pale pink human figure on a bright blue pole and is situated by a body of water. The surface is treated in a mosaic fashion with brightly colored glasses and mirrors, shells, and pebbles.
Nocturnal Street Scene
This small monochromatic painting depicts a street corner on which are street signs, a crosswalk sign, a fire hydrant and a multi-story building with an awning over the sidewalk. It is a night scene lit with street lights.
Number 68
This abstract painting is predominately black with some wavy vertical strokes of green, pink, and white.
Number 69
The mostly pink painting also includes black, white and green parallel wavy lines.
Number 126
Black and orange painting consists of vertical wavy parallel lines and perpendicular lined texture.
Number 132
This orange and black painting consists of vertical curved, wavy, and parallel lines.
Number 133
This predominately black and orange painting consists of curved and wavy parallel lines with heavy texture.
Number 142
Mostly green painting also consists of black wavy vertical lines.
Number 149
This mostly orange painting also includes vertical, parallel wavy and curvy black lines with horizontal lined texture.
Number 154
This painting with a predominately white background contains many multi-colored curved and jagged vertical lines with heavy linear texture.
Number 155
This painting has a predominately white background and includes many multi-colored jagged lines and heavy linear texture.
Number 165
This horizontal panel has a predominately white background with many multi-colored curved and jagged lines with heavy linear texture.
Number 168
This square painting consists of a light green background and many curved multi-colored lines and heavy texture.
Number 169
This vertical painting is predominately purple and has many multi-colored curved and jagged lines with heavy linear texture.
Numbers 136, 142, 126, and 127
Four paintings are hung in a square grouping. Three of the panels are predominately orange and black while the upper right hand panel is a light green with black wavy vertical lines.
Numbers 143, 144 and 145
Three green panels with vertical black wavy lines are hung in a horizontal linear fashion.
Evening pantsuit of ivory, blue, and black striped silk consisting of three pieces: a) Mid-length jacket of vertically striped silk with very wide, straight sleeves. Center front opening with no closure. Attached shoulder pads. (b) Pants of matching silk. Full-length, with center back snaps and hook-and-eye closure. Designed to fit loosely, with drawstring waist. (c) Short sleeved tank-style top of matching silk. Sleeveless, with round neckline. The hem, armholes, and neckline are trimmed in black. Each piece has designer's label "Oscar de la Renta".
Platform Pumps
Platform pumps of tan Napa leather. The shoes are created so that seven spaced bands of leather rise from the 1" platform and wrap around a single main strap that runs from throat and around heel. The spacing of the bands create an open toe and open sections along the sides of the feet. The 4" modified continental stacked heel is rounded at back and sides and straight across front, and tapers sharply to base. Designer's label inset in sole: "dusica / kotur / sacks hand made in it italy"
Pair of woman's pumps of bright tan / golden / honey colored leather. Designed with pointed toes, the shoes have horizontal black stitching following the shape of the shoes over all of the surfaces, creating a striped effect. 4 1/2" spike heel covered with the same leather. Designer's label of tooled copper leather inset in insole: "Rupert Sanderson / London" Impressed in sole: "38"; "Rupert Sanderson"; "Vero Cuoio" and "Made in Italy"
Pumps of ombre violet leather fading from light purple on the heel toward darker purple on the pointed toe. Pyramid 4" heel of shaded purple/violet striped felt with braided black cord between sections.
Pair of woman's pumps of iridescent gold leather. Designed with rounded, open toes, inner sides cut-away. The leather has lightly scored parallel lines over the surface, creating a striped effect. Elongated wedge-style heel 4" high. Designer's label stamped in silver on insole: "Fanziska Hübener" Stamped into sole: "Hübener, Fanziska"; a circle with inscription "Vero Cuoio / Hand Made Brazil"; sizes: "BR / 38"; "EUR / 40" and "USA / 9"
Pair of velour, canvas, and leather pumps. Designed with pointed toes, the pumps have uppers of bright green, red, and navy velour, and black canvas in lengthwise stripes. Along bottom edge of upper is a pebbled leather band which is textured to resemble alligator and which is accented with brown stitching. Stiletto heel 3" in height covered with same textured leather. Suspended from top edge of heel is a gold charmed shaped as an "R". Maker's mark stamped in gold inside shoe: "[R logo] Roberta di Camerina" Stamped on sole: "Vero / Cuoio" and "37". Applied sticker on sole with pictograms indicating which parts are leather.
Purple Grid Yellow Edge Yellow Road
The square painting consists of a purple ground that has been scratched through with a grid pattern. Horizontally across the top portion is a loose yellow brush stroke and across the bottom edge a similarly hued stripe.
Rose Garden
Jacket of dark blue denim combined with a dark red embroidered yoke and a variety of multi-colored trim. The rectangle-shaped center back panel is made up of a mixed cotton patchwork and an embroidered hummingbird in a flora and fauna motif. Designer's label at center back neckline: "Amy Zerner / Spiritual Couture" Content/care tag and size "3" tag attached to base of designer label.
Sacred Space II
"Sacred Space II" Jacket in long-line style of dark blue denim with multiple bands of trim and mirrored panels on the front upper left and right with appliqued peacocks. The large center back panel of patchwork includes images of two appliqued swans with a fairy flying above, and a castle in the background. Designer's label at exterior bottom of back panel: "Amy Zerner"
Pair of woman's high-heeled sandals of multi-colored metallic leathers. Designed with rounded, open toes, the shoes have a vamp of an open-work figure 8 created by dark and light blue and violet braided leather bands. Bands of same leather extend from sides of vamp along sides of sandal to heel. Openwork heel formed of same braided leathers in inverted teardrop or petal shapes radiating from heel, and with upper band arching over the heel. Insole of metallic blue leather with inlaid teardrop shape of violet leather. 4" high heel rounded at sides and back tapers to ground and is covered with iridescent blue/great material. Designer's label stamped in silver on insole: "Fanziska Hübener" Stamped into sole: "Hübener, Fanziska"; a circle with inscription "Vero Cuoio / Hand Made Brazil"; sizes: "BR / 35"; "EUR / 37" and "USA / 6" Size sticker on sole: "36"
Pair of woman's sandals of black suede. Designed with pointed toe, the slip-on sandals have two wavy-edged black suede bands crossing at instep, and a second pair of similar straps extending from heel and mid-foot to cross at slightly below ankle. At each crossing is mounted a faceted clear crystal set in a silver filigree rosette of four petals. 3 1/2" spike heel is covered in black satin. Tan leather sole. Maker's logo/label stamped in gold on cream leather inset in insole: "[logo of T bracketed by facing L's within oval] / Couture / Les Tropeziennes" Stamped in gold on sole: "Made in Italy / Vero Cuoio"; logo repeated; "Les Tropeziennes" and "35".
Pair of woman's sandals of pink and silver metallic leather, white leather, and black patent leather. Insole/sole of silver leather with pink leather inner section. Across instep is narrow band of pink, white, and black leather segments set with a single square black faceted gem mounted in silver colored metal. A second matching strap extends from insole, curves across instep, threads through a similar band, then continues around back of heel and back down to reattach to insole on same side it began. This band also set with two square faceted black gems. 3" high spike heel is thick, covered with black patent leather on sides and back and brown leather as sole on front. Designer/Maker's label stamped on insole at heel: "RODO / Since / 1956" within wreath. Impressed in sole: "RODO / [outline of hide] Vero / Cuoio / Made in Italy / 36" With applied sticker on sole showing pictograms indicating what materials make up the parts of the shoe.
Pair of women's sandals of silver metallic leather. Designed as "gladiator style" sandals, with six narrow silver leather criss-crossed or interwoven straps at front over vamp, and six more similar straps extending around ankle and originating from vertical band at heel. 5" zipper along heel band. Designer's label on both sides of sole: "Barbara Bui" Impressed on underside of sole: "Made in Spain" and "40". Attached sticker under sole showing pictograms indicating which parts of shoe are leather.
Pair of sandals made of deep pink leather. Two thick straps extend from sides and meet to form vamp/throat with surmounting bow. A thinner, single strap extends up and across near base of toes. Spike heel is 3" high, and covered with same pink leather. Inset black label on sole with maker's mark embroidered in silver: "Mario Valentino / Made in Italy" Molded into sole: "Mario / Valentino" Stamped into sole: Outline of a hide containing words: "Vero Cuoio / Cuir / Veritable / Leather / Leder Echt"; "Made in Italy"; "39"
Pair of sandals made of metallic cobalt blue leather. Two thick straps extend from sides and meet to form vamp/throat with surmounting bow. A single strap extends up from sole at heel and is topped by strap to encircle ankle. Strap secures with single silver tear-shaped buckle. Spike heel is 4" high, and covered with same blue leather. Inset black label on sole with maker's mark embroidered in silver: "Mario Valentino / Made in Italy" Molded into sole: "Mario / Valentino" Stamped into sole: Outline of a hide containing words: "Vero Cuoio / Cuir / Veritable / Leather / Leder Echt"; "Made in Italy"; "39"
Secret Garden
"Secret Garden" Jacket of purple linen with green and gold floral machine embroidery, with long, straight sleeves combined with bands of ribbon trim. The full center back panel includes an appliquéd fairy goddess, peacock, and tree of life with zodiac medallions designed by Zerner in the flora and fauna motif. Designer's embroidered/beaded label just below collar, exterior back.
Self-Contained Unit
The sculpture consists of two brown shapes resembling seed pods. Each half has an interior texture. Around the edge of each half are hinges with small wheels on the ends.
Pair of women's shoes of black patent leather. Designed with square toes, the vamp has an applied large square of black patent leather crossed vertically by a narrow band of red leather set off-center to right side of wearer. "Kitten" heel 1 1/2" high formed as a silver rectangle with horizontal black band and vertical red band. Designer's label inset int sole: "Davis by Ruthie Davis" Designer's monogram impressed in sole, two facing "D"s Impressed in sole: Outline of hide inscribed "Vero Cuoio"; "Designed in / New York / Made in Italy / 6"
Pair of woman's shoes of gold leather and colored snakeskin. Designed as platform heels with slightly pointed open toes, they have a wide band of gold leather extending across the vamp. Extending along the side of the shoe from the vamp, behind heel, and to other vamp is band of snakeskin dyed vari-colored, from dark burgundy to gold. Another band of gold leather attaches to snakeskin at ankle on each side and wraps around wearer's leg. Back of band is elasticized. 4 1/2" stiletto heel covered in gold leather. Designer's label stamped in black on insole: "[monogram] / Gil Carvalho / London"
Platform heels of lilac, red, and purple leather, and burgundy patent leather. 2 joining straps at front of red and lilac; angular zigzag cut-out around ankle with Mary Jane straps from sides of lilac leather (silver buckle on outside) and a single joining piece of burgundy patent leather across top; 1" platform of purple leather and 4" elongated heel of burgundy patent leather. Designer label: "Franziska Hübener"
Skirt Suit
Skirt suit of black wool crepe. A) Jacket of black wool crepe; double label with white four-ply silk satin accent. Double breasted with closure of six octagon shaped, faceted black buttons; bound buttonholes. Long, set-in sleeves with 3 matching non-functioning buttons and bound buttonholes at hem. Mock welt pockets at sides. Lined in black silk satin. Designer's label at center back neckline: "Michael Faircloth" B) Skirt of black wool crepe. Knee length; 6" back slit. Narrow, rolled waistband. Center back zipper with hook & eye. Lined in black silk satin.
The sculpture depicts a large blue-green hand with four fingers outstretched. A pink spiral circles the back of the hand and crosses over three vertical black bar openings.
So, Number 2
The drawing consists of a grid drawn with graphite with a splash and run of India ink.
Stata Center
The facade of the building is shown in its setting on the campus and the view is looking southwest.
Stata Center
This exterior view includes the amphitheater.
Stata Center
The upper southeast elevation facade, north end, of the building is shown.
Stata Center
The view is of the stainless covered lab in the upper court.
Stata Center
The interior of hallways, seating and ceiling detail are shown in this view.
Stata Center
Two different surface treatments are shown in this exterior view of the facade on the Vassar Street main entry.