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Photograph of a doorway in Vienna, Austria. In the foreground, doorway number three is visible; a figure immersed in shadow is visible through the open door. Ornate carvings frame the top of the doorway.
Photograph of a streetscape in Vienna, Austria. In the foreground, numerous shop signs and blue cafe umbrellas are visible; orange umbrellas are visible in the middle ground; more buildings and a sculpture in scaffolding are visible in the background.
[Window Painting]
Photograph of a window in Austria. The foreground is mostly hidden in shadow. In the center foreground, a window is visible inset into the wall. Next to the window, a fresco of a figure is painted on the wall.
[Wood Fence]
Photograph of a wood fence in Austria. The wooden fence is put together by hand with dried vines. The wall sits in front of a white wall.
[Wooden Door]
Photograph of a door in Austria. The door is in the center foreground with white walls on either side. The door is decorated with wooden carvings and metal ornamentation. The white wall forms an arch above the door. There are names written on the top of the door frame.
[Wooden Door]
Photograph of a wooden door in Austria. The wooden door is visible in the foreground. Stone columns flank the door. The door has a large iron lock.
Photograph of woodwork on a building in Austria. The top eve of a roof is visible. The decorative woodworking and lattice work are visible.
[Yellow Clocktower]
Photograph of a yellow clock tower in Austria. A white building is visible in the left foreground. A yellow clock tower sticks out of a building on the right.