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The Dance of Life

Description: girl and couple on the right
Date: 1899/1900
Creator: MUNCH, Edvard

Did You Speak to Me?

Description: A young girl in white is seated on a stool turns to look away from the incomplete painting of her.
Date: 1897~
Creator: Chase, William Merritt

Double Portrait

Description: Painting depicting a double portrait.
Date: 1897
Creator: Edvard Munch

Double Portrait

Description: head at left: the painter P. Herrmann
Date: 1897
Creator: MUNCH, Edvard

Double Portrait

Description: head at right: the doctor P. Contard
Date: 1897
Creator: MUNCH, Edvard

Evening Memory I

Description: A painting of three people in a small boat.
Date: 1890
Creator: Denis, Maurice

The Frenchman

Description: No Description Available.
Date: 1899/1900
Creator: MUNCH, Edvard

Girl Carrying a Basket

Description: In this three-quarters length portrait of a young girl wearing a loose pale blue hat and a pink blouse, she rests her arms on a basket. The pastel strokes are loose and long. The girl's pose is with her back to the left side of the picture and turns her head over her right shoulder.
Date: 1891
Creator: Morisot, Berthe

Girl in White

Description: Oil painting depicting a woman wearing a white dress and yellow hat, standing in a field of flowers.
Date: 1890
Creator: Gogh, Vincent van, 1853-1890

The Grand Palais

Description: SE Corner detail with sculpture
Date: 1897/1899
Location Info:

Grape Harvest (Var)

Description: Grape pickers and harvesters with buckets and barrels are depicted in this landscape painting with a mountainous horizon.
Date: 1892
Creator: Cross, Henri Edmond

Hayricks at Dusk

Description: The painting depicts a number of green haystacks with a blue and yellow sky, green grass in the foreground, and the sun in the center of the canvas.
Date: 1899
Creator: Levitan, Isaak