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Abbey Church of Ottobeuren, Altar of the Sacrament
The richly carved altar sits at the entrance to the choir.
Abbey Church of Ottobeuren, Imperial Hall of Statues of Hapsburg Emperors
The hall is highly decorated with sculptural details on the walls and ceilings. The ceiling also contains a painted scene. Lining the room are over life size statues of the Hapsburg emperors situated next to elaborate Corinthian columns. The room is opulent and above each window is a painted portrait.
Abbey Church of Ottobeuren, Library
The interior of the library is decorated in a Baroque style with ceiling painting, columns with Corinthian capitals. The ceiling includes a pale pink hue topped with a white relief floral motif.
Abbey Church of Ottobeuren, Picture Gallery
An interior view of a picture gallery with white walls. Frescoes and stucco decoration decorate the ceiling.
Abbey Church of Ottobeuren, Picture Gallery
A corridor outside the monks cells displays paintings and the arched ceilings are decorated with relief floral motifs.
Amalienburg, Nymphenburg
Total view of entrance fa├žade
The Breakfast
mother and daughter
Church of St. Sulpice
Detail of NW towerbase and 2nd story columns
The House of Cards
No Description Available.
The Kitchen Maid
Painting depicting a kitchen maid.
Possibly William Metcalf
No Description Available.
Soap Bubbles
No Description Available.
Young Lady with a Fan
Portrait of a seated woman wearing a green dress and holding a fan. There is a book on a table to her left and a window in the background.