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Lidded Vase

Description: Image of the artwork as seen in the exhibition, From Here to There: Practice, Form, and Meaning, May 22 through August 4, 2012 in the Art Gallery at University of North Texas.
Date: 2012
Creator: Zouhary, Caleb

Life on the Moon

Description: The porcelain artwork consists of a cup shape seated on a base. The cup is covered with yellow, gray and black geometric decoration. The yellow sections are textured with linear striations while the gray areas include some squiggly marks that resemble cursive handwriting.
Date: 1996
Creator: Milnes, Robert

Life's Cycle

Description: The artwork depicts a partial circle of geometric shapes through which float some small oval shapes which float out of two vertical white containers. The ground of the piece is a gradation of pale blue to a darker blue at the top edge.
Date: 1985
Creator: Crowell-Hilde, Kaki D.

Life's Cycle

Description: The textured artwork consists of pinks and blues predominately. Geometric shapes float on a blue woven background. Making a circular arc, partially seen, are some wedge shapes with pink tops and turquoise sides. At the far left are two cylindrical pink and purple shapes. Floating among the larger shapes are many small open ovals and open chevron shapes.
Date: 1986
Creator: Crowell-Hilde, Kaki D.

Light and Shadow

Description: A red triangle, three brown and black circles and a sharp spear shape dominate the center of the composition. The background of the painting, upper left and lower right corners, are bright yellow.
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Date: 1922
Creator: Red'ko, Klyment Nikolaevich

Light in a Far Field

Description: Painting of green, gray, red and peach featuring a grassy landscape with multiple trees and red flowers; light smudge rendering.
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Date: 2001
Creator: Phelan, Ellen

Lillian Disney Memorial Fountain

Description: The close view of the sculpture shows the individual pieces of Delft china shards as well as the inscription, "A rose for Lilly. Frank Gehry's tribute to Lillian Disney. A gift of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren."
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Date: 2003~
Creator: Gehry, Frank Owen


Description: The sculptural piece is vertical and begins with a large bulbous, teardrop shape as its base. Emerging vertically is a column from which spring nine flower bud shapes that are attached mechanically with pins and cotter pins to the column or stem.
Date: 1999
Creator: Lopez, Ana Maria


Description: Photograph of a street in Lindos on the island of Rhodes, Greece. In the foreground, a cobblestone street curves out of view. A carved stone doorway is visible in the right foreground. A few branches of a tree are visible in the background.
Date: 1958
Creator: Gough, Ray