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Calotte Hat

Description: Calotte hat of lavender straw cloth encircled with velvet violet flowers around edge of crown. Veil of lavender net. Edge of hat trimmed in lavender velvet. Unlined. Manufacturer's label: "L & B Karo / New York"
Date: [1930..1939]
Creator: L & B Karo


Description: Straight cape/cloak of black long-hair monkey fur. Full length, no arm holes, arm slits nor sleeves and no collar. 5 heavy hook and eye closures down center front. Fully lined in black wool crepe-felted. Very heavy. Likely to be Colobus monkey. Designer's label at right side at seam "Hattie Carnegie" Retailer's label at back center top "Neiman-Marcus Dallas";
Date: 1930~
Creator: Carnegie, Hattie

Chauffer's Uniform Greatcoat

Description: Man's chauffeur's uniform greatcoat of black wool with black astrakhan (3 day old lamb) fur collar. The full-length overcoat is double-breasted, with long sleeves and a flap pocket at each hip. Torso lined in heavy brown muton. Maker's label inside pocket, part printed, part filled in by hand: "Lexington / National Tailoring Co., Inc / Better quality uniforms / 851 Lexington Ave., N.Y. / Name: John Forsythe / Date: 10/31/34 No.: 9622" NRA "Blue Eagle" label inside pocket Stamped on inner side of lining: "Taskinlamb"
Date: 1934
Creator: Lexington National Tailoring Co.


Description: The seascape includes several boats on the water with industry and buildings at the water's edge. The painting style is loose with pencil lines demarcating edges.
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Date: 1931
Creator: Signac, Paul

Child's Dress

Description: Child's dress of beige linen with print design of Mother Goose, moons, people and animals. Solid beige collar with ruffled trim edged in peach; with matching band of same fabric/ruffles down center front. Center front opening of three snaps is hidden under center piece and ruffle. Gathered bodice with three vertical tucks at center back. Puffed short sleeve with narrow armbands. Cotton bias tape underneath at hem. Unlined. No labels in garments.
Date: 1935~

Christ Mocked by Soldiers

Description: Painting of red, peach, blue, yellow, white and black oil painting featuring three male figures; two profile view and one with head tilted to one side seated in the middle.
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Date: 1932~
Creator: Rouault, Georges

Christmas Still Life

Description: This is a floral painting with four vases of flowers and leaves lined up in the foreground and a painting of red flowers in the background.
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Date: 1937
Creator: Münter, Gabriele

Circus Horse

Description: A white horse's head is in the foreground of the picture. More horses in stalls can be seen in the background. The brushwork is loose.
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Date: 1934/1946
Creator: Bonnard, Pierre


Description: Cloche-style hat of light green open-weave horsehair. The domed crown has extending "brim" which is very short in front, descending downwards, and longer sections at side and back, also descending downwards. Hat has a hatband of pinks and beige pleated satin ribbon which is inside crown, but visible through open weave. Ribbons emerge at back of hat, forming a bow with trailing ends. Hat is unlined, with an inner green grosgrain hatband.
Date: 1930


Description: Cloche hat of black felt. The domed crown has a shaped lower edge, and a small brim that turns up and back to become vertical against the crown at front, and flares out slightly at sides and back. At side is a spray of black ostrich feathers. Inner black grosgrain ribbon hatband. Maker's label sewn inside: "Model / by / Hatty's / Paris / New York"
Date: 1930/1939
Creator: Hatty's Hat Co. (New York, USA)

Cloche Hat

Description: Cloche hat of wine colored felt with rose beige crushed velvet trim at upturned front and facing. Designer's label: "Florence Walton / 9.rue Saint Florentine. Paris" Tag attached to designer's label: "Made in France"
Date: 1932
Creator: Walton, Florence

Cloche Hat

Description: Cloche style hat of black Milan straw cloth with small, slightly pointed front brim. Hat is folded across width of crown towards front. Narrow black velvet ribbon trim meeting to form a bow at front with wreath of folded ribbon at base of bow. Unlined with elastic band to secure hat to wearer's head. Designer's label: "Louise Bourbon (barely legible) / 13 Rue Royale Paris" Tag attached to designer's label: "Made in France"
Date: 1936
Creator: Bourbon, Louise

Cloche Hat

Description: Cloche style hat of fur felt in charcoal gray blending to lighter gray at top of crown. Brim turns up in back with folded tab of self as trim. Black leather belt-style hatband with red buckle. Designer label sewn onto inside silk hatband: "Cannes Barritz / Jean Patou / 7, Rue St. Florentin / Paris"
Date: 1935
Creator: Patou, Jean

Cloche Hat

Description: Cloche style hat of royal blue felt. Wide brimmed with sunken crown. Hatband of matching blue grosgrain ribbon and band of blue feathers partially held in place by a banded slit cut through the crown as trim. Designer's label on inside hatband: "Molyneux / 5. Rue Royale / Made in France"
Date: 1936
Creator: Molyneux, Edward

Cloche Hat

Description: Cloche style hat of tan wool felt. Scalloped, upturned brim trimmed with tan grosgrain. Small, circular, concave piece of trim in same material added to crown as trim. One hatpin with gray felt head. Unlined. Inside of crown stamped: "Made in France" Retailer's label on inside hatband: "Made to Order Hat / Bergdorf / Goodman / Fifth Ave. at 58th St."
Date: [1935..1939]

Cloche Hat

Description: Cloche style hat of tan felt. Crown has three triangular pointed tiers. Crown folds over tiers on one side with 3 "feather brush" (boar's hair?) trims in three shades of brown on opposite side topped with folds of matching felt. Unlined. No labels.
Date: [1930..1935]

Cloche Hat

Description: Hat of green felt. Designed as a modified cloche, the had is formed of a deep, domed crown of green felt with a rolled edge at back that extends to become a high, curved brim in front. The front extension is crowned by a feathered ornament formed as a stylized bird looking downwards. The "bird" has tan and dark feathers for the tail, green feathers for neck and breast, and a black plastic(?) beak. Around the base of the crown is a band of dark gray/bronze colored net trimmed with chenille dots, which extends at front and sides to become a veil. Around inside of crown is dark brown/black grosgrain ribbon band. Sewn to inner ribbon band is maker's label: "Hattie Carnegie / Inc / Custom Made"
Date: [1935..1939]
Creator: Carnegie, Hattie

Cloche Hat

Description: Cloche style hat of black velour with extended right side. Extended side has 3 cutouts covered with net. Stamp on inside crown: "Dubarry / illegible" Designer's label: " Hattie Carnegie / Inc / Original / Expressly for / Neiman-Marcus"
Date: 1930?
Creator: Carnegie, Hattie


Description: Coat of red wool with metallic gold motifs forming an almost-plaid design. Between knee- and street-length. Center front opening with no closures. Bracelet-length sleeves with pleated sections at front of each shoulder. Fully lined in red silk. Combined designer/retailer label at inside back collar: "Hattie Carnegie / Inc / Original / Made for / Neusteter's / Denver"
Date: 1935/1949
Creator: Carnegie, Hattie