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Biel le Doyt
Seated portrait of a young man.
Civita Castellana
Hilly landscape with large clouds in the sky are depicted in this painting.
Dell at Helmingham Park
Heavily wooded scene with a small bridge over a creek or a ravine.
Farmyard Fowls
Oil painting depicting several hens.
Feathers and Pearls
Portrait of a woman wearing a large feathered hat.
Julianna Hazlehurst
Portrait of a young woman.
Mad Dog, A Caricature of People's Fear of a Mad-dog and of Rabies
Depicted in this print are several people reacting to a dog on the street. The people are caricatures.
Mary Ellis Bell (Mrs Isaac Bell)
Portrait of a woman seated in front of a mirror.
Massacre at Chios
woman sitting in center
Massacre at Chios
figure group at left
Massacre at Chios
close-up detail of man and woman at left
Massacre at Chios
horse, rider, dead woman at right
Mortlake Terrace
Oil painting of a park area lined in trees, looking out over a river. Buildings are visible along the banks of the river and several boats are on the water.
Portrait of Charles X in Coronation Robes
A portrait of Charles X set in a gold, crested frame.
Portrait of Vladimir Samoylov as Hamlet
The painting depicts a portrait of a young man dressed in armor and a shirt with puffy, red sleeves with white insets. His hands are on his hips and he wears a wide sash tied in a bow around his waist. His hair is parted and short and he sports a mustache.
Road to the Spaniards, Hampstead
A dirt road travels into the distance from the foreground and the sky is full of large clouds. There are some very small figures in the distance as well as some buildings.
Salisbury Cathedral from Lower Marsh Close
No Description Available.
The Secret Insult or Bribery and Corruption Rejected
This color engraving depicts royals and officials with commentary about money and the throne.
Silhouette of Charles Willson Peale
No Description Available.
Sunrise in the Catskills
Landscape oil painting depicting the sunrise behind a series of mountains.
El Templete
The facade of the neoclassical shrine and its accompanying column are shown in this view. In the foreground are some contemporary celebrants and umbrellas.
El Templete
The view is of the side of El Templete and shows also some contemporary people in the foreground.
El Templete
The row of Doric style columns is shown in this view as well as the decorative lintel.
El Templete
The close view shows the column and the portico of the shrine building. In the foreground can be seen some vendors and visitors.
Very Unpleasant Weather, or the Old Saying Verified, Raining Cats, Dogs, and Pitchforks
A group of people braving the rain and wind are pummeled by cats, dogs, and pitchforks falling from the sky.
The Wreck of the Hope
Painting depicting the wreck of the Hope.