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Description: No Description Available.
Date: 1931
Creator: SCHLEMMER, Oskar

34 With Scars

Description: The artwork consists of a piece of white fabric with dark stitching around the edges and some stitching in the center and the number 34.
Date: 1991
Creator: Leonilson Bezerra Dias, José

Abalone Fishing in Kazusa Province: Wanting to Eavesdrop

Description: A woman in an elaborately decorated kimono is seated in the foreground. A seascape with a fisherman is seen behind the woman. On the right side of the artwork are several insets with Japanese text.
Date: 1852
Creator: Utagawa Kuniyoshi & Utagawa Yoshitori-jo

Abbey Church of Val de Grace

Description: Diagonal total from SW, with Façade, drum and dome
Date: 1645/1667
Creator: MANSART, François. Lemercier, LeMuet and Le Duc
Location Info:

Abe Lincoln the Great Emancipator

Description: Painting of five male subjects in warm and cool hues of burnt-orange, dark blue, gray and black. Abraham Lincoln is depicted wearing his signature black top hat and black knee-length overcoat. The subject to the left of Abraham Lincoln appears to be in decorated military attire. The two subjects on the far right are also in military attire.
Date: 1942~
Creator: Pippin, Horace

Abigail Smith Babcock (Mrs Adam Babcock)

Description: Oil painting of Abigail Smith Babcock wearing a pink-colored gown and a fur-lined cloak. She is seated for the portrait, facing toward the right side of the painting. She appears to be holding beads in her hands.
Date: 1774~
Creator: Copley, John Singleton

Abraham Sacrificing Isaac

Description: The horizontally oriented painting depicts a man in a red robe with a knife threatening a seated figure while a winged angelic figure reaches for the man with the knife.
Date: unknown
Creator: Guardi, Antonio

Abraham Sacrificing Isaac

Description: The painting detail shows the central portion with the action of the figures.
Date: unknown
Creator: Guardi, Antonio


Description: No Description Available.
Date: 1963~
Creator: Poncet, Antoine


Description: The painting consists of a large red vertical field on a darker red/black field.
Date: 1952
Creator: Newman, Barnett

Achilles Discovered Among the Women

Description: A figure wearing a red dress wields a sword among a group of people some of whom are on the floor rummaging through trinkets and jewels.
Date: unknown
Creator: van Dyck, Anthony