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The spinet is decorated on the inside panel with a painting of several people in a landscape.
Reliquary Cross of the Abbey of Valesse
The object in the shape of a Christian cross is decorated with filigree and semi-precious stones.
Nautilus Passengers
The black and white engraving depicts men looking at the great creatures under the sea.
Three Mysterious Travelers
The copper sculpture depicts three standing figures. The bodies appear to be male and are simplified in shape. The surface color is that of copper with some oxidation.
The portrait is of a man wearing head covering, glasses and gazing straight out of the picture plane.
Portrait of Mademoiselle Alice Guerin
The portrait depicts a female with long red hair against a light blue background.
[Plate with Text]
The plate is a vibrant orange-red color and is covered with textual markings.
The artwork depicts a young man amidst an interior setting of non-specificity.
Beech Trunks
Tree trunks begin at the front left edge of the composition and move at an angle to the right side. The trunks in the foreground are blue and the ones in the background are white. A small leafless sapling is also in the foreground.
Letter from Charles Baudelaire to Richard Wagner
The fourth and final page of the letter is written in pen and ink in French. Baudelaire's signature is included at the end of the page.
Letter from Charles Baudelaire to Richard Wagner
The first page of the letter is written in pen and ink on paper in French. The date is at the top of the page and Baudelaire addresses Wagner as monsieur.
Cosi Dunque Tradisci, Recitative, Aria
One page of musical score written in black ink.
Woman with a Crescent Moon or, Eclipse
The head and bust of a woman is in front of a bright moon.
Letter from Charles Baudelaire to Richard Wagner
The third page of the letter is written in pen and ink in French.
The vertically oriented painting depicts a crouched woman with her arms raised on a yellow background. The female figure is outlined with heavy black strokes.
[Tapestry in the Chagall Hall Knesset Assembly Hall, Jerusalem]
The colorful tapestry depicts Jerusalem as the focus of the Jewish experience and its history. The tapestry depicted in this view is the left most section of the triptych.
Letter from Charles Baudelaire to Richard Wagner
The second page of the letter is written in pen and ink in French.
Figure of Harlequin from the Seraphin Theatre
The polychrome carved wood statue is of a harlequin in blackface.
Caricature of Louis XVI (1754-1793) Playing Chess with a Soldier of National Guard
A group of aristocrats, nobility and a soldier mingle around a game of chess.
Harpsichord Used by Mozart in Prague
No Description Available.
Basket of Eggs
A wicker basket with a red ribbon tied to the handle holds three eggs and a small white feather nestled on top of a piece of white fabric. The basket rests on a brick surface.
Choir Organ with Open Panels
The interior of the organ is decorated with paintings.
Mural from the Fouquet Jewellers in Paris
The interior of the jewelry store consisted of decorative wood and bronze details including a large peacock that hung over the main jewelry cabinet.
Metepec Tree of Life
The decorative object holds seven candles and is covered with many figures, leaves, flowers and animals in various colors on a red ground.
General View of Universal Exposition, Paris, 1889
A three-fourths angle aerial view illustrates the grounds of the Universal Exposition of 1889 and is noted as such on the engraving.
Prince of Darkness
The artwork created on a black background has as the main image what might be a multi-color seated figure. Spots of color dot the sky and on the right hand side is a silver gray vertical streak running the length of the work. The work is abstracted.
Colosseum, Rome
The painting depicts stone ruins in close detail.
Proun 93
The square painting has a yellow background with a large white circle and several black circles attached to some stick-like geometric lines and shapes. The concentric circles are nested inside each other off center so that the effect is almost of a spiral.
On a Journey to Beautiful Countryside
The painting depicts a group of merry people, a sleeping child, a man and a woman with binoculars, a man sharing his reading material, a woman gazing out of the window, on a train. The costumes, hats, and furniture are fanciful and colorful.
Breakfast at the Cafe
The painting depicts at the far left of the composition a man entering the cafe while a young boy stands on a chair and cleans the window. The painting is mounted on a larger piece of paper creating a wide border.
Color Globes for Copper
Color studies in gradations from dark to light are displayed on circles and spheres.
Richard Wagner
The portrait depicts a man wearing a white vest holding his hands in front with his fingers intertwined. He is wearing a dark coat, has some facial beard and sleek black hair with some curls.
Evening pantsuit of ivory, blue, and black striped silk consisting of three pieces: a) Mid-length jacket of vertically striped silk with very wide, straight sleeves. Center front opening with no closure. Attached shoulder pads. (b) Pants of matching silk. Full-length, with center back snaps and hook-and-eye closure. Designed to fit loosely, with drawstring waist. (c) Short sleeved tank-style top of matching silk. Sleeveless, with round neckline. The hem, armholes, and neckline are trimmed in black. Each piece has designer's label "Oscar de la Renta".
Evening dress of pale yellow silk chiffon with bead detailing. V-neckline in front creating the halter, with pieces draped from halter down and out to sides. The entire bodice is finely pleated and gathered, and has beaded panels which creates an empire waist. The beaded panels vary from narrow at center front to wide at sides, and meet at center back. The beading is white and silver beaded horizontal stripes on a mauve background. The skirt is formed by the chiffon being gathered into the beaded panels in many layers and falling to the floor. Dress has a matching lining and has a zipper down center back with hook-and-eye closures at top of zipper and at halter. Label in gown: "Victoria Royal Ltd. / Made In / British Crown Colony / of / Hong Kong".
Hat of creamy, off-white fur felt. Brimless with wide, low crown resembling a pillbox style. Center of crown has floral, circular geometric stitched pattern which trails to outside edge forming diamond shapes. Outer edge of crown has four diamond shapes with boucle texture. Unlined with tan grosgrain ribbon inner headband. Designer's label on inner headband: "Sally V / Designed By Sally Victor" Retailer's label to right of designer's label: "Titche-Goettinger Co. / Dallas"
Calotte Hat
Calotte style hat of light brown satin. Brim is trimmed in brown and yellow velvet strawberry clusters with green and brown velvet leaves. Lined in rose colored brocade of floral design. Inner headband of pink grosgrain ribbon trimmed with cinnamon colored lace embellished with pink embroidered flower with rhinestone center at front. Maker's label on inside headband: "Paris / Chapeaux / Chicago"
Beret of black felted wool with sort tail at center crown. Label inside at center of crown: "100% wool - made in France / WPL 10.888"
Pillbox Hat
Pillbox hat covered in sapphire blue silk. Large sapphire blue silk rose accent with green leaves at right front. Lined in navy blue silk with navy grosgrain ribbon inner headband. Comb for securing hat to wearer's head at inside front. Designer's label on inside headband at back: "Eisa"
Hatlet of black velvet. The low, domed crown is edged with a stiffened coil of the same fabric, with a straight piece of same across the front. Lined in a black satin, with an inner black grosgrain ribbon hatband, and a small plastic comb to help secure hat to wearer's head. Designer's label: "Kay & Guy / Anderson / New York"
Hat of black felt. The low, domed crown is encircled by a band of black net veilling, gathered at front to form a pouf, and with a narrow band of black ribbons, tied at back with a bow. The narrow brim curves up slightly at back. The hat is unlined, with a black grosgrain ribbon inner hatband. Brand(?) label: "Originals / Fifth Avenue / New York" Label of felt maker: "Bodies by / Lee"
Cocktail hat of bias cut white draped wool. Front resembles a turban and is formed by four horizontal turned under pleats with 1-1/2" band. Sides and back resemble a beret, with the back folded up and trimmed with a tie bow of self at the center. Partly lined with reinforcing at front to support pleating. Ivory grosgrain ribbon inner headband and comb at front for securing hat to wearer's head.
Pillbox Hat
Pillbox style hat of pink silk gabardine. Four horizontal pleats around front of brim form zigzag folds at sides. Slightly rounded top. Center back has hanging tab ending in tie bow of self. 2-1/4'' deep crown CF; 3 1/2'' deep CB. Lined in white silk with pink grosgrain ribbon inner headband. Two combs at sides for securing hat to wearer's head. Maker's label hand embroidered on inside crown: "Jo Bailey Hats"
Hat of black felt. Styled as a modified boater or "Pamela hat", the domed crown is encircled at base with a wide band of black grosgrain ribbon. The brim curves up sharply, forming a "wall" around the crown. The hat is unlined. Felt maker's label: "Glenover / Fawntra-Felt / Henry Pollak Inc / New York / 100% Wool"
Toque of burnt ocher/light brown wool(?). The cylindrical crown is higher in front, with sides slanting down to back. The top of the crown is domed, but slightly sunken, and ornamented with top-stitching lines radiating from the back center of the top. The sides of the crown have similar horizontal top-stitching. The hat has a dark brown leather band at lower edge, almost a tiny visor in front, which extends inside the sides of crown and emerges in back to form a bow. The hat is lined in medium brown satin, and has an inner brown grosgrain ribbon hatband.. Retailer's label: "Neiman-Marcus / Salon"
Mushroom Hat
Mushroom hat of red/orange baku straw. Uniquely cut crown is square with points at front and back. Four side panels are formed off of sides of square crown. Lined in white gauze material with red/orange grosgrain ribbon inner headband.
Hat of navy blue velvet. Styled as an oversized calotte (also spelled "calot"), the low, domed crown is encircled by overlapping bands of the same material. At front and sides of hat is an embellishment of leaf-form set with blue beads and pearls. The front and sides are overlaid with a fine mesh veil, which has small scattered worked circles. No labels in hat.
Hat of green felt. Designed as a modified cloche, the had is formed of a deep, domed crown of green felt with a rolled edge at back that extends to become a high, curved brim in front. The front extension is crowned by a feathered ornament formed as a stylized bird looking downwards. The "bird" has tan and dark feathers for the tail, green feathers for neck and breast, and a black plastic(?) beak. Around the base of the crown is a band of dark gray/bronze colored net, which extends at front and sides to become a veil. Around inside of crown is dark brown/black grosgrain ribbon band. Sewn to inner ribbon band is maker's label: "Hattie Carnegie / Inc / Custom Made"
Hat of chocolate colored mink fur. Somewhat in a pillbox shape, but much larger, the slightly domed crown fully covers the head. Brown corduroy lining trimmed with grosgrain ribbon. Labels: Designer's label: "Mr. D" United Hatters, Cap and Millinery Workers International Union label.
Hat of fine red baku straw. Hat resembles a bowler or derby style. Shallow 2" crown, with slightly rounded top. Has 1 1/2" wide slightly squared flat brim. 3/8" wide hat band of self ties in a small bow. Unlined with red grosgrain ribbon inner headband.
Hatlet of black fur felt (beaver?). The shallow domed crown is overlaid with strips of the same fur felt, edged with black satin. One strip crosses front from side to side, and one small strip goes along each side, and where they cross they form a bow-shaped motif on each side. Unlined, with a red grosgrain ribbon inner hatband. With a single black bead headed hatpin. Stamped inside crown: "Flaminsol / Imported"