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Untitled Hanging

Description: The artwork consists of several woven panels in various colors and textures. The panels are evenly spaced in a circular fashion and end in fringe draping to the floor. The work was created on a 16 heddle loom.
Date: unknown
Creator: Fuchs, Rudolph

Arjuna's Bell

Description: Half of the bowl is decorated in yellow while the other half consists of many closely spaced dark blue rectangular hash marks. On the yellow half of the bowl are many hieroglyphic type marks.
Date: 1996
Creator: Milnes, Robert

Let's Spend Some Time Together, Number 2

Description: This collage features extreme perspective with the piers in yellow and orange moving from the center foreground straight to the horizon line depicted by the blue background meeting the black sky. In the left background area are several green geometric shapes that resemble buildings. A pink orb with a hole in the center floats in the left sky area while a purple one floats in the right hand portion of the sky area. Piercing each of these is a long hollow spear that spills tiny black, blue, white, gray and green circles into the foreground.
Date: 1987
Creator: Crowell-Hilde, Kaki D.

Weighted Rectangle

Description: The pendant consists of a hollow sterling silver rectangular shape that inside of which is a sphere that appears to cause the rectangular shape to hang at an angle.
Date: unknown
Creator: Crowell-Hilde, Kaki D.

Bouquet of Flowers

Description: The focal point of the painting is a bouquet of flowers. Two other small vessels are on either side of the vase. The colors of the vase and flowers are pale yellow and pink; the green background and reddish foreground consist of larger and looser brushstrokes.
Date: unknown
Creator: Simkins, Martha E.


Description: The cordial glass consists of two pieces which are similar in form. The ebony base holds the sterling silver vessel portion. At the top and bottom of the piece are similar thin silver bands.
Date: 1986
Creator: Crowell-Hilde, Kaki D.


Description: The landscape painting includes a cluster of houses in the distance. In the foreground is a fencing and rolling hills with a windmill. Framing each side of the painting are tall tree trunks or electrical poles.
Date: unknown
Creator: Marquis, Corrine


Description: The horizontal painting depicts a landscape in which the sky is gray and the moon or sun is a solid red-orange color. In the foreground is some brown and yellow grasses which create a hill or small mountain shape.
Date: unknown
Creator: Berger, Lorraine Estelle

Life on the Moon

Description: The porcelain artwork consists of a cup shape seated on a base. The cup is covered with yellow, gray and black geometric decoration. The yellow sections are textured with linear striations while the gray areas include some squiggly marks that resemble cursive handwriting.
Date: 1996
Creator: Milnes, Robert


Description: The sculptural wall piece consists of two copper pipe shapes in opposite facing open right angles. Bridging the space between the two right angles are four vertical flat shapes decorated with various geometric shapes and colors. Running vertically through each center panel is a black and angular S shape. Filling in the negative space of the right angles are three right angle pieces of clay woven and decorated with various colors, shapes and lines.
Date: 1981
Creator: Milnes, Robert


Description: An angular and abstracted tree shape dominates the center of the painting. The brushstrokes are dark and angular. The foreground landscape is created from several stripes of color and pattern. A tree with yellow leaves is in the background and the composition in surrounded by a brown arch shape at the top of the painting.
Date: unknown
Creator: Vandiver, Mabel


Description: Photograph of the Orangery of Kensington Palace in London, England. In the foreground, two women walk down a long hallway lined with columns and windows. A sculpture of a man is visible in the foreground in the center of the hall. A large planter is visible behind the man sculpture.
Date: unknown
Creator: Gough, Ray

Woman and Nautilus

Description: The painting exhibits a woman in the center of the canvas. She is surrounded by a bare tree, curved and nestled geometric shapes that create a landscape. Some gray brick shapes are at the woman's left. At her feet is a large nautilus and she cups in her hands a small plant.
Date: 1932
Creator: Compton, Carl Benton

Blue Bayou

Description: An earthenware platter sits atop a shiny textured black base and blue and orange geometric shapes. The grooved dark portion of the base is shiny while the orange shape is textured and the blue shape is decorated with a dot pattern.
Date: 1989
Creator: Milnes, Robert

Life's Cycle

Description: The artwork depicts a partial circle of geometric shapes through which float some small oval shapes which float out of two vertical white containers. The ground of the piece is a gradation of pale blue to a darker blue at the top edge.
Date: 1985
Creator: Crowell-Hilde, Kaki D.

Spring Flowers

Description: The painted artwork depicts a vase of flowers. The predominant colors are yellows and greens. The brushstrokes are bold and expressive. The composition in square.
Date: 1969
Creator: McCarter, R. William


Description: The brooch consists of a triangular shape with a triangular shaped opening through which a coiled piece of copper twists and emerges and wraps the triangulalr piece.
Date: 1987~
Creator: Crowell-Hilde, Kaki D.