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Bust of a Man Leaning on His Elbow

Description: The sculpture depicts an adult man resting his head on his right hand with his elbow resting on his left hand. The bust has a grainy texture, a brown natural color, and is not painted.
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Date: 1467
Creator: Lerch, Nicolas

Drum, Dong Son Style

Description: The drum head is decorated with a concentric patterned design.
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Date: -1000/-0001~


Description: The poster includes a large Nazi eagle with a swastika on its back with wings burning and hurling toward the ground. Across the bottom edge is the word, victoire.
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Date: 1945
Creator: Baudouin, P.
Item Type: Poster


Description: The round sculptural relief depicts a person with her index finger to her lips.
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Date: 1848
Creator: Préault, Antoine-Augustin

Circus Horse

Description: A white horse's head is in the foreground of the picture. More horses in stalls can be seen in the background. The brushwork is loose.
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Date: 1934/1946
Creator: Bonnard, Pierre
Item Type: Artwork

Beach in Moonlight, Seascape with Light

Description: The landscape, sky and water are vaguely suggested in this mostly monochromatic drawing.
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Date: 1908
Creator: Spilliaert, Leon
Item Type: Artwork

Young Woman with a Veena

Description: The subject of the painting is a woman playing a musical instrument. She is seated on the floor with her legs crossed. She wears loose white pants and a decorated blouse with a patterned stole.
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Date: unknown
Creator: Varma, Ravi
Item Type: Artwork


Description: Hat of sheer black horsehair with red and white flowers located under wide, upturned brim. Black silk taffeta trims low, domed crown and forms a bow on back. Hatpin with pink spherical head. Unlined with black grosgrain ribbon inner headband.
Date: 1935/1939


Description: Hat of camel-colored cashmere felt. The crown is roughly cone-shaped, swelling at center and flattened at an angle at the top. Near the bottom of the crown is a band of black grosgrain ribbon, below which the hat swells out to become the asymmetrical brim. At center back is black grosgrain ribbon bow, to which is attached trailing golden tan/brown ostrich plumes. Inside crown is hatband of black grosgrain ribbon. Sewn onto the inner ribbon is designer's label: "Walter Florell / 29 East 53rd New York"
Date: 1939
Creator: Florell, Walter


Description: Hat in turban style of black jersey. Soft folds tie at back. Headband of self. Designer's label on inside headband: "Paulette" Tag at base of designer's label: "Made in France"
Date: [1940..1945]
Creator: Paulette

Sailor Hat

Description: Sailor style hat of rust colored straw with yellow and white daisy-like flowers on flat brim. Olive green satin ribbon as hatband ties at bow in back. Unlined with black grosgrain inner headband. Label on inside hatband: "Norma's / Creations / Dallas"
Date: [1930..1935]
Creator: Norma's Creations

Cloche Hat

Description: Cloche style hat of tan felt. Crown has three triangular pointed tiers. Crown folds over tiers on one side with 3 "feather brush" (boar's hair?) trims in three shades of brown on opposite side topped with folds of matching felt. Unlined. No labels.
Date: [1930..1935]


Description: Hat of tan fur felt. Large, turned down brim in mushroom shape; asymmetrical with narrower brim in back. Calotte crown with narrow hatband and bow of self on back. Unlined with black grosgrain headband. Manufacturer's label on inside headband: "Exclusive / Ranleigh / Model"
Date: [1940..1949]
Creator: Ranleigh

Calotte Hat

Description: Calotte style hat of navy blue wool felt. Right side extends with a strip of felt curling downward then upward to a point trimmed with a strand of pears, gold leaves, and blue/green bugle beads. Unlined with a blue grosgrain hatband. Designer's label on inside hatband: "Ginette Robert / de Paris"
Date: 1945
Creator: Robert, Ginette

Cloche Hat

Description: Cloche style hat of tan wool felt. Scalloped, upturned brim trimmed with tan grosgrain. Small, circular, concave piece of trim in same material added to crown as trim. One hatpin with gray felt head. Unlined. Inside of crown stamped: "Made in France" Retailer's label on inside hatband: "Made to Order Hat / Bergdorf / Goodman / Fifth Ave. at 58th St."
Date: [1935..1939]


Description: Child's bonnet of peach colored, gathered silk crepe with tiny silk ribbons and flowers. Mint green silk velvet ribbon ties. Lined in white cotton gauze.
Date: 1920

Platform Heels

Description: Platform heel in red and white floral print on black ground. Shoes designed as open-toed pumps set on high platform at front, with wide band across vamp, open sides, and sling back which springs from a wide "Y" shaped strap. High, chunky heels taper slightly to base. Shoes covered with all-over print of large stylized flowers of red and white on a black ground. Designer's label inside: "Andrea Pfister / Paris" Marked on sole: "a / Made in Italy" and "35 1/2"
Date: 1967/1979
Creator: Pfister, Andrea


Description: Picture hat of open-weave natural straw with wide, brown grosgrain ribbon and bow as hatband. Asymmetrical brim narrows at back. Retailer's label: "Custom Made Hats / designed by / Miss Violette / Famous-Barr Co. St. Louis"
Date: [1930..1939]
Creator: Miss Violette

Halo Hat

Description: Pamela or halo style hat of natural colored straw cloth. Crown ringed with brown silk organza roses. Edge of brim covered with natural colored grosgrain. One hatpin with black, teardrop shaped head. Elastic band for securing hat to wearer's head. Unlined. Retailer's label on inside hatband: "Henrys / Dallas"
Date: [1940..1945]


Description: Hat of tan felt with cloche-style crown. Slightly turned up brim in back. Tan grosgrain and bow as trim around crown. Retailer's stamp on inside crown: "Made expressly for / Popular Dry Goods Co." Manufacturer's stamp on inside crown: "Willoughby" Size tag: "22 1/2 / Willoughby / Hat"
Date: 1935
Creator: Willoughby


Description: Pair of pumps of multicolored striped pleated satin. Designed with pointed toe, the upper of the shoe is formed of pleated/pin-tucked multicolored satin which creates narrow stripes running across the shoe of purples, violet, white, greens, yellow, blues, pinks, etc. The 3" off-white leather covered spike heel tapers to base. Brand stamped inside: "CustomCraft" Handwritten inside: "27" and "5 1/2 B / 1270 / 10332E"
Date: 195u


Description: Hat of brown felt with high, sunken crown and droopy brim. Brim gathered at crown. Brown mink bow and trim at crown. Two hatpins with mink heads. Black grosgrain ribbons at sides joined by thin cord for securing hat to wearer's head. Lined in black cotton. Designer's label: "Dolly Madison / Original / 22" Retailer' label: "Samuels Hat / Sold Exclusively / at Memphis Fur Shop / Memphis, Tenn."
Date: [1930..1935]
Creator: Madison, Dolly

Evening Sandals

Description: Evening sandals of gold metallic leather. Single wide strap across vamp, with another strap across top of foot, joining to strap around heel. Top strap secures with small gold buckle, and has applied gold leather bow with trailing ends. High heel tapers to base. Designer's label: "Roger / Vivier / Paris"
Date: 1960/1979
Creator: Vivier, Roger


Description: Pair of pumps of cotton printed in a vertical stripe of green, blue, white, pink/coral, orange, and pale blue. Designed with pointed toes, the top edge of upper is bound with thin white cotton band. Stiletto heel covered in white leather. Designer's label: "Giavanni / New York Designers" Stamped inside: "Fabric upper / other components / of man made materials / 7 3991 / AAAA 1149"
Date: unknown
Creator: New York Designers